Someone That Could End The Streak, Ziggler A Raw Snub, Appearing Outside WWE, Tour Of South Africa

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With his Wrestlemania status still up in the air, we can at least get our Undertaker fix by talking about him. Given the circumstances with Brock Lesnar's new WWE contract and The Rock back again this year, is there anyone you would deem worthy of ending "the streak" at Wrestlemania?

I've always gone on record in writing that I felt Undertaker deserved the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. His career was Hall of Fame worthy before putting together four near perfect Wrestlemania matches four years straight (sorry, I strongly disagree with Bret Hart's comments). However, as is the nature of this business, things have changed. My argument has always been there isn't anyone big enough on the WWE roster worthy of such a rub. The only situation I would be in favor of ending "the streak" would be for it to propel a superstar to the next level. I now believe there is one superstar on the roster capable of ending "the streak" and reaping tremendous benefits from it. That superstar is CM Punk. The Punk haters (and there are many) are going to jump down my throat for this but Punk has already etched himself in WWE history with a 434-day WWE title reign and is primed for a massive passing of the torch. He hasn't yet reached the top (still behind John Cena in the pecking order) and this is exactly what he would need to take him to the peak of his WWE career. Whether or not it will happen is an entire different story as Undertaker working Wrestlemania this year is still up in the air, however, the chips have aligned for a very historic moment.

Is there any reason why there was no Dolph Ziggler on Raw? I realize that there's a lot of new storylines popping up but I'd choose anything involving Dolph over three separate "satellite transmission" segments with the Big Show in a hotel room.

Dolph Ziggler wasn't scripted for this week's WWE Raw and I have no clue why he wasn't. It'd be silly to say time constraints and the argument there were other segments they wanted to highlight really isn't valid either. Knowing how stressed and burned out the writers stay, maybe they forgot about him? This wouldn't be the first time something like that happened and Vince McMahon was working just days after having surgery. The Big Show segments were horrible and a complete waste of time as they all could have been wrapped into one (did we really need to see him get a plate of room service?). They did Del Rio vs. Big Show at Royal Rumble last month after Del Rio already beat Show on television so it's not like the program needed the extra build either. Sometimes things make no sense and Dolph Ziggler not being used on this week's Raw was one of them.

How much power does WWE possess exert over contracted talent when it comes to media appearances?

WWE stars have to be careful they get approval for any appearances that are not setup by the company. Failing to do so could breach their contract, resulting in termination or getting in the company doghouse. Workers under WWE performer's contracts are not permitted to just appear wherever they want without approval and most are booked through the office. Someone asked about Zack Ryder appearing on Colt Cabana's podcast and it probably doesn't hurt that Colt is best friends with CM Punk.

When is WWE coming to South Africa?

We actually reported over the weekend (with the help of WNW reader Brandon van Reenen) that WWE will run five shows in South Africa in July and August. Details will be announced soon as tickets are scheduled to go on sell on February 25, 2013.

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