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Stables In The WWE Hall Of Fame, Lack Of Pure Wrestling, The Truth Behind The WWE Hall Of Fame, Who Makes The Wrestlemania Decision

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What do you think of inducting stables into the WWE Hall of Fame? I'm against it and while I feel the Four Horseman are deserving, they are all equally worthy of being inducted individually. How can Ric Flair be inducted twice?

I am all for the induction of the Four Horsemen into the WWE Hall of Fame and think the stable should be honored as a whole. There are a lot of people deserving of the honor, however, the fact of the matter is not everyone deserving is going to get in. Inducting the stable together is a fun way to remember the best stable of all-time. Regarding Ric Flair going in twice, how can you induct the Horsemen without him? Also, what's the damage in putting him in a second time? If/when there is a physical WWE Hall of Fame to actually visit there is plenty to the Flair legacy to have a Flair singles area as well as a Four Horsemen area.

As a fan in my 30's I feel today's mainstream wrestling features less and less pure wrestling. What I mean by this is less technical maneuvers and feel this "old school" philosophy is reserved only for talent such as that of the X Division in TNA. What are your thoughts?

Pure technical wrestling is something that has always been reserved to small parts of mainstream pro wrestling such as the cruiserweight division or in TNA's case, the X Division. A lot of older and smarter fans are baffled by this because they don't understand why everyone would not want to see lengthy matches involving multiple hip tosses, suplexes and arm drags. The reason why this isn't the norm is because of the broad and diverse fan base that makes up mainstream pro wrestling. While it sounds bizarre, not everyone wants to see wrestling. Younger fans are captivated by the storylines and the look of certain performers. This is why I recommend promotions such as Ring of Honor to fans frustrated with the lack of wrestling in WWE and TNA because ROH is centered around satisfying fans hungry for wrestling.

Why won't Vince McMahon put Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame?

This time of year we are flooded with questions just like this as I can't tell you how many questions I see that go just like this - why isn't __________ in the WWE Hall of Fame? While a lot of people don't like to hear this, the WWE Hall of Fame is not a legitimate pro wrestling Hall of Fame. The WWE Hall of Fame is a promotional mechanism to build on Wrestlemania excitement and cash in on the hundreds of thousands of fans that have traveled from all around the world to be there. Furthermore, Vince McMahon makes the final decision on all inductees. There are all types of underlying reasons as to why someone is given an induction. Mainly the company wants to induct someone they can cash in on by selling merchandise around that headliner. Given the fact WWE owns so much footage in their tape library; they can literally pick and choose who goes in based on who they want to develop a DVD project around. I'm sorry if this cheapens the WWE Hall of Fame for you, but it's the way it is. The reason Sting hasn't been inducted is obviously due to his contract with TNA and that limits the way they can promote him. With all this being said, it's still an honor to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because it is the Hall of Fame of the world's largest pro wrestling promotion.

Who makes the final decision on where Wrestlemania will be held each year?

Vince McMahon makes the final decision where WWE will hold Wrestlemania each year. Politicians pitch their cities to WWE officials once the company makes the officials aware their city is on the radar. However, McMahon consults with other executives to determine where they feel the event would draw the best.

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