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Sting Impacting Wrestlemania, Gauging WWE Returns, Undertaker vs. Lesnar, Knockouts Back To WWE

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If Sting decides not to re-sign with TNA Wrestling and ends up in WWE, will that change the Wrestlemania XXX lineup that WWE is trying to construct?

If WWE is able to land Sting it would obviously have major implications on the Wrestlemania XXX lineup, however, that is still a major if. The company is in the process of constructing a Wrestlemania lineup with the assumption that The Rock is not working and that's the biggest takeaway thus far. That became even more evident when promotional information for Wrestlemania XXX tickets did not include Rock.

What are the chances we see Matt Morgan show up in WWE? While I'm at it, Hulk Hogan? Jeff Hardy?

The chances are actually pretty good as WWE has had interest in Matt Morgan for quite some time. Morgan is a rarity because he's a big guy that can work. It's like a center in the NBA, there aren't many of them and because of that scarcity, there will always be opportunities. I have not heard about a formal offer being extended but I know there is WWE interest. Hulk Hogan is the ultimate opportunist that is always looking out for what is best for his brand. Hogan and Eric Bischoff have downplayed his inclusion in WWE 2K14 but let's not get it twisted, the bridge is being rebuilt. I don't see Hogan returning to the ring but I absolutely think he would entertain a return [to WWE] for the merchandise and licensing opportunities. As for Jeff Hardy, he re-signed with TNA in February and will likely finish his career there.

If neither The Rock nor The Undertaker faces Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX, who else can face Lesnar at Wrestlemania next year?

We all know the speculation of it being Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback, which I would not welcome, but that's not going to stop the talk. I know for a fact Undertaker was interested in working Lesnar last year but was told that's not the plan going into the fall. At this point I want to wait and hear from a couple of my sources before speculating on opponents for Undertaker and Lesnar. The one thing that you can take to the bank is that both will be involved in major matches at the pay-per-view.

With both Tara and Mickie James recently leaving TNA, do you see either woman going back to WWE? And if so, is WWE interested in having them back?

I was told WWE's interest in Mickie James was minimal and that she is currently in negotiations with TNA Wrestling about a new a contract. TNA provides Mickie with a good opportunity because she is also pursuing a career as a country music artist. Tara has great connections within WWE and while I don't think she's aged a bit, the fact she is 42 concerns me that WWE would not be interested in her returning as an on-air talent.

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