Sting Now A WWE Alum, Heat On Brock Lesnar Over Work?, Theme Songs For PPVs, Kharma's Return

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Has Sting said anything publicly about being added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website?

I haven't seen any public comments from Sting regarding his profile being added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website. Some are surprised about the inclusion but remember, WWE owns a large portion of Sting's career in their tape library and it's probably a good idea to make newer fans aware of his presence. Vince McMahon made it pretty clear by highlighting Ric Flair at the WWE Hall of Fame this year that he doesn't see TNA Wrestling as a threat.

Does Brock Lesnar have any heat for working so loose? I thought rule number one in wrestling was to look after your opponent but now he's busted John Cena open hardway twice now?

Brock Lesnar has looked a little reckless with his work and while the first time he busted Cena open looked accidental, I have to believe what happened at Extreme Rules was a work. I haven't watched the tape back close enough to tell whether or not Cena used a blade but they clearly wanted to add color in the match. As for Lesnar having any backstage heat, he has more heat from the boys that are upset he gets big money for limited dates rather than his work.

How are official theme songs picked for WWE pay-per-views?

WWE selects songs they want based on relationships they have with the artist, record label, etc. When a song is selected obviously a deal has to be worked out where WWE pays the artist royalties to use their material, however, it also gives the artist good mainstream exposure.

What's the latest on Kharma?

WWE wants to eventually do Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix but they didn't want Kharma returning to immediately take the Divas Championship off Beth. They had Nikki Bella go over Beth as a fluke and ended up using it as a way to bring back Layla. I haven't heard the latest creative plan for Kharma's return but a possible storyline would obviously be for Kharma to return and go over Layla, building to Kharma vs. Beth for the title. With that being said Kharma is expected back any day now.

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