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Sting To WWE?, What Makes Bray Wyatt Intriguing, TNA Creative, WWE Eliminating High Risk Spots

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Bray Wyatt

Are reports true that WWE has a decent chance of signing Sting to a contract once his deal with TNA Wrestling is up?

Sting puts himself in this position because he chooses to work on a year-to-year contract with TNA Wrestling. He's flirted with WWE before so as long as he does so, there will always be speculation regarding his future. I have heard from credible sources within WWE there is interest but there's always interest. Sting isn't getting any younger and the window is closing but we certainly can't rule it out. However, if you're going to root for a former WCW star to come to WWE, I would root for Sting over Goldberg because I think there's more of a chance of signing the former.

I personally feel that Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family are possibly the best gimmick that WWE has come up with in years. However, I do feel they've been limited by short storylines and monthly angles. Would they not benefit from a longer feud?

WWE seems to be "feeling out the trio," gauging where they are best fit before making any long-term commitment. Kane is expected to resume his program with them when he returns although the current direction is the program with The Miz. I am very high up on The Wyatt Family but feel the money with Bray Wyatt is in his gimmick. I'm not saying he can't work, but it's his mic work and "spooky" character that people are interested in. After his Ring of Fire Match [against Kane] at SummerSlam, people were criticizing his in-ring work while ignoring the spectacle. I took this as an IWC overreaction. Not all gimmicks and characters are based around what happens in the ring, WWE is not Ring of Honor. The match had a perfect feel to it and really helped set the groundwork for Bray's character.

Who is on the TNA creative team?

The TNA Wrestling creative team is currently comprised of Dave Lagana, Matt Conway, John Gaburick and Eric Bischoff. Lagana and Conway have been there for awhile now while Gaburick replaced Bruce Prichard and Bischoff maintains his role as Executive Producer.

We've seen WWE take measures to reduce the number of concussions, however, it seems more workers are utilizing riskier spots such as suicide dive and spots that require them to bump outside of the ring. Is there any concern about this?

Vince McMahon has traditionally discouraged workers from utilizing high-risk movesets to reduce the number of injuries. WWE is different from promotions such as Ring of Honor because the focus is not on the in-ring work. WWE's broad demographic caters to pro wrestling fans but also people that are intrigued by the storylines and gimmicks. With that being said, WWE is still very physical and there's no way to get around that. The spots you are talking about are done for a reason to help "tell the story" and I would be against eliminating them. It's important to take precautions and I'm all for eliminating unprotected chair shots to the head but no one wants to see mass restrictions. Precautions can and should be taken but at the end of the day pro wrestling is still pro wrestling and it's going to be physical.

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