Sting's Cryptic Tweets, Cena Will Pass Flair, Big E Lacks Direction, Lesnar's Part-Time Status

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What do you think is behind Sting's cryptic Tweets?

I expect the Tweets to be in connection with a merchandise-related announcement, be it WWE 2K15 or the upcoming Sting DVD/Blu-Ray set. Anyone anticipating a major Sting return on next week's Raw to setup a series of dream matches is holding their expectations too high. We know 100% that WWE and Sting are working together and that was confirmed with the casting call issued last month. Whether or not Sting ever works a match in WWE remains to be seen.

Now that John Cena is billed a 15-time world champion, do you see him overtaking Ric Flair within the next few years?

The number of world title reigns is not a set variable but by WWE standards, Ric Flair is recognized as a 16-time world champion and John Cena is recognized as a 15-time world champion. I absolutely believe that Cena is being setup to overtake Flair and that's more than clear with WWE's current billing of him. While Cena is heavily criticized by WWE fans today, history will be much kinder and I expect him to go down as one of the greatest of all-time.

At one time, WNW reported that Big E had a lot of backing from John Cena and Vince McMahon as a next top guy, but in recent times he seems to have been pushed far behind in the line. What is the reason for this?

When Big E was first called up, he had complete support from Vince McMahon and John Cena took him under his wing, even working out with him on the road. I haven't heard if that's still the case but Big E simply lacks creative direction. Everyone wants to know what a certain worker does to be given such a role and sometimes there isn't always an easy answer. Remember, pro wrestling is not an objective business.

If Brock Lesnar becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam, how will his part-time status be handled?

If Brock Lesnar wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam, which is still an "if," I'm told the company will work out his dates to have him appear a couple times a month on television. WWE has had a part-timer hold the belt before -- The Rock was champion for 70 days from Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania in 2013 --and while I realize SummerSlam to Wrestlemania is a longer time period, the company will work it out. I think the bigger question if these hypotheticals work out is who goes over Lesnar?

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2013: With the majority of the WWE Universe assuming The Rock will go over CM Punk on Sunday, how would you react to a swerve? - The first swerve that comes to mind would be for The Shield to cost CM Punk the WWE Championship but that is nothing more than speculation on my part. I haven’t heard the creative plan for Sunday’s WWE Championship match but that I feel it’s necessary for The Rock to win the WWE Championship so he can defend it at Wrestlemania. Not putting the title on The Rock on Sunday would be a mistake. It’s going to be more difficult with the WWE Champion working a part-time schedule, but live events will be hurt more than TVs due to Rock’s insane schedule.

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