Superstar Of The Year, Nash vs. HHH A Debacle In The Making?, Daniel Bryan As Champ, Layla's WWE Return


Who is your pick for Superstar of the Year? My pick is Alberto Del Rio.

The Slammy Awards are kayfabed but CM Punk is my runaway pick for Superstar of the Year. Punk clearly established himself as a main event talent in 2011 and revitalized the entire WWE fanbase this summer. Alberto Del Rio has had a great year as well but he never got the big title defense win he needed to get established.

Kevin Nash looked awful in his match against Santino Marella. With Triple H banged up, how are these two going to have an entertaining ladder match?

While I'll at least give it to Kevin that he looked in shape, it's going to be a challenge to hold an entertaining ladder match with Triple H. I have been a loud opponent to Nash getting a singles match because of his age and the fact he's way past his prime. In most cases a gimmick match helps workers that are banged up but the ladder match stipulation is different because it involves climbing.

When will Daniel Bryan win the World Heavyweight Championship?

I have no confidence in WWE's ability to book Daniel Bryan as a legitimate main event talent. It was very surprising to me that he went over at Money in the Bank in July but the company hasn't booked him like an up and coming "megastar." There have been shades of confidence but just as soon as it looks like he's about to break out, he taps to Alberto Del Rio. It's a vicious cycle and I hope Bryan is booked in a favorable role but I'm not holding my breath.

What is the latest on Layla's injury and her return?

Layla appeared at a Florida Championship Wrestling show last month and did the Live Raw chat on November 21st. Her knee injury was serious as she had a torn ACL and MCL that required surgery to repair, however, she should be close to returning.

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