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Survivor Series Nearly Nixed, Ziggler Double Booked, Foley's WWE Return, The Rock Competing

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In yesterday's Ask WNW you mentioned that Vince McMahon is not high up on the Survivor Series gimmick. Why?

Survivor Series 2009 did 235,000 buys which was sharply down from 319,000 buys from the year prior. While I loudly maintained it was because UFC had a show the night before, Vince McMahon said in an investor conference call the concept was no longer over. I don't know what or who changed his mind but he was ready to nix the pay-per-view because of the decline in buys. Last year's Survivor Series buys were up but only slightly at 244,000 buys.

Why is Dolph Ziggler booked twice at Survivor Series?

WWE wanted Dolph Ziggler to defend the WWE United States Championship and to replace Christian in the Traditional Survivor Series Match. I realize this is his second consecutive pay-per-view he has been double booked and cannot give a definitive answer as to why. However, this isn't the original plan as Ziggler was inserted to replace Christian.

Why did Mick Foley choose to return to WWE?

I obviously can't describe Mick Foley's mindset in returning to WWE but he obviously enjoys the business and wants to be part of it. Foley didn't come back to wrestle and his role remains undefined but he has signed a contract. With Foley now pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, WWE is a great way for him to remain in the limelight.

What's the big deal about The Rock competing at Survivor Series?

I have been against The Rock working at Survivor Series because I feel it cheapens the excitement and anticipation of his Wrestlemania XXVIII main event against John Cena. It was actually The Rock that wanted a chance to get into the ring before Wrestlemania but that doesn't change my opinion. If The Rock was coming back full-time, I would have no problem with it. However, one of the main selling points of The Rock working Wrestlemania is his return to the ring in nearly eight years. That selling point will be lost after Sunday. I wrote a lengthy editorial about my reasons over on Richard's Backstage Blog at this link.

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