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With what seems like a bunch of hidden clues in conversations between Dolph Ziggler and The Authority, do you see it possible that Ziggler turns on Team Cena at Survivor Series and joins the Authority? If not, do you see anybody turning or any type of screwy finish?

This is how WWE gets in trouble with back-to-back dirty finishes in pay-per-view main events. Now, we’re in a situation [with Survivor Series] where a dirty finish could be useful and provide an intriguing storyline to close out the year. Ziggler could turn and get the push we’ve all been calling for, Randy Orton could return and blow the roof off in his hometown or various other scenarios involving the non-committal Ryback and/or Luke Harper. But could WWE do their third dirty pay-per-view finish in as many months? Would that appease the people watching for free?

I absolutely could see a dirty finish involving a turn in the Survivor Series main event and to be honest, I’m enjoying watching the story surrounding the teams move from week to week. At the very least, we’re seeing guys get opportunities. I’ve been very critical of WWE since SummerSlam but right now, things are moving in a better direction. Rather than focusing on Brock Lesnar being MIA, we’re able to focus on all of the elements that go into Survivor Series. And how refreshing is it to see WWE actually utilize the Survivor Series concept?

If you were given the opportunity as a creative writer in WWE, how would you change John Cena for the better?

Well first, I would never want the burden of being a creative writer in WWE. It’s an impossible task that is a very difficult job. It’s much easier to watch from a distance than get thrown into the fire, being expected to come out of it not smelling like smoke. With that being said, the thing that frustrates male pro wrestling fans over the age of 13 with John Cena is the lack of character progression. I don’t even think it’s a heel turn that people want, it’s just the desire for some movement with “the face of the company.”

Vince McMahon found a formula that worked with Cena and is utilizing it like Hogan was used for decades. It’s hard to argue with the results from a monetary standpoint. Cena remains a top draw in terms of TV ratings, ticket sales and merchandise. In other words, he not only moves WWE’s key drivers but he leads them. So what could be done to not only keep those elements intact but enhance them?

Vince seems to operate under, “it’s not broke, so don’t fix it.” That’s fine but I believe even subtle progression to the Cena character could make it more palatable to the older audience and generate even more money. Cena’s hip hop gimmick helped get him where he is and while it wouldn’t work to the same degree today, what if elements from that gimmick were infused into the current version of John Cena?

Consider Cena’s recent work with Wiz Khali. If the writers could figure out a way to take the raw lyrical talent of Cena and put it with his character today, I think the results would surprise people.

All and all, I believe WWE gets too complacent at times. Take three hours of Raw for example. The extra money from the third hour looks great on a balance sheet but has had a negative impact on programming.

What is William Regal’s current role in WWE?

William Regal is heavily involved in WWE’s developmental system, working as a trainer and color commentator down there. Further, he also scouts talent for WWE and holds the on-screen role as NXT General Manager. The reason Regal replaced JBL as the “GM of NXT” was budget-related as Regal was already there and the company didn’t want the added expense of flying JBL in for TVs. Regal is currently in England with the roster and we gave a detailed update on him earlier on Tuesday at this

What's the deal with Adam Rose's Bunny? Is there an actual talent in the costume that WWE plans on introducing at some point? If so, do you have any idea who it might be? Or is it just some silly gimmick to enhance Rose?

The Bunny! Vince McMahon is infamously known for being high up on such ridiculous gimmicks because he thinks they’re funny (just think of Natalya’s flatulence gimmick to really get a handle on it). There have been rumblings for months about The Bunny evolving to an actual character on WWE TV. The idea is simple - the Bunny will turn out to be a talent the WWE audience is already familiar with. I’ve gotten a great laugh at some of the coverage outside of WNW this has gotten with people guessing. I believe the eventual plan is to reveal a talent under the costume and have heard all the guesses. We’ll see where it goes but it’s just mid-card comedy. I don’t think the Bunny is being built for any sort of protected push, at least I hope not.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2012: Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin all took years before they became superstars, nowadays talent with name recognition on the independent circuit that get moved up to the majors are almost expected to be automatic superstars. Do you think the independent fans put too much pressure on these talent and bash WWE when these talent’s aren’t used at every single TV or PPV? - Everyone has to pay his or her dues in some fashion. Even workers such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, that are currently main eventers, had to pay their dues in the independent circuit then again in WWE before their run at the top of the card. Many of the well-known independent names are currently paying their dues in WWE developmental where they are treated just like everyone else. Vince McMahon isn’t impressed by success outside of WWE and while it may get a worker on his radar, the worker has to prove they can be successful in WWE before they are pushed.

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