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Considering all of the attention Jack Swagger received from the mainstream media earlier this week, do you think WWE has any choice but to terminate his contract per the conditions of the WWE Wellness Policy?

Jack Swagger is in a world of trouble after having one of the dumbest arrests in WWE history. Here's a guy that has an opportunity most only dream of and rather than focusing on taking full advantage of it, he's out breaking the law with reckless behavior. The arrest was so shocking there was a point I even questioned its legitimacy, however, this is completely legitimate. Word is that Vince McMahon is livid and I personally don't see how Swagger gets out of this with his job. I'm sure some serious meetings are taking place about what to do next. The fact Swagger was scripted into this week's Smackdown gives the company some time to determine what to do. I'm not reporting WWE is going to fire him but rather speculating that Swagger has done himself no favors. Swagger's first main event push was scrapped due to behavioral/attitude problems and it doesn't get much more arrogant than what he did a mere hour and a half after this week's Smackdown taping.

Given all that Triple H has accomplished since he's been given increased responsibility do you think WWE will be in good hands once he takes over?

I've been a big fan of many of Triple H's recent decisions. The more power and responsibility that Vince McMahon gives him, the more he uses it to pull off impressive results. Securing Bruno Sammartino for the WWE Hall of Fame is only the start of it. Hunter has greatly improved things in developmental and is focused on making significant changes that will only help the company moving forward. Vince knew what he was doing when he picked Hunter as his successor and I don't expect WWE to miss a beat.

Will there be an episode of Smackdown on the Friday prior to Wrestlemania 29?

WWE will tape material for the 4/5 episode of Smackdown on Monday from the Raw taping in Washington DC. The show will also feature live look-ins from Wrestlemania Fan Axxess in New Jersey. There will not be a full Smackdown taping on the Tuesday after Raw, as is the case during a normal week.

Do you agree that gimmick matches need color to bring the extra element of realism?

Steel cage matches in particular are difficult to get over without the use of color (or blood for those that don't understand the terminology); however, I completely understand and agree with the banishment of blading. The primitive practice puts everyone involved at risk for infectious disease and isn't something that should be encouraged. Gimmick matches are useful when utilized properly but they aren't something WWE (or any organization) should emphasize.

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