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Taz Joining Aces & 8s, Jeff Hardy Pulled From Tour, Spoiling Storylines, Wrestlemania 30 Location

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Why would TNA script Taz to join Aces & 8s? Does it make any sense if he can't wrestle?

The latest swerve in the Aces & Eights storyline is the inclusion of Taz. He's not returning to the ring but it's part of the progression of the faction. Remember the nWo had several non-wrestlers, including their own referee. The problem with Aces & 8s is a problem that faces many main event factions in that it is being overexposed.

It is a known fact that because of Jeff Hardy's past criminal conviction, he is not allowed to travel out of the country. Why then does TNA tell there European fans that the reason Jeff Hardy is not on tour, is because he is injured?

I'm under the impression Jeff Hardy was unable to obtain a visa [because of his criminal conviction] to travel overseas and join the TNA roster on their European tour. However, it's not a "known fact" as you assert, as the word I've gotten from my sources is everyone is kayfabing over it. TNA says he's injured, much like the claim was he was injured last year during the tour, but the truth is no one knows the exact reason Hardy was pulled. The fact he was advertised tells me TNA didn't feel it would be a problem.

I grew up watching wrestling, before the Internet became huge. I remember actually being surprised when storyline a played out on TV instead of on weekly spoiler alerts. Do you think the Internet has taken some of the fun away from the wrestling business and is there anything the writing team or top executives can do to keep it more secretive?

With the evolution of tablets, smart phones and the mobile web, people are more plugged in than ever before. The very purpose this website exists to peel back the curtain and give readers an insider's view of the business. With that being said, Vince McMahon takes precautions in keeping things under wraps but the only way this is possible is to keep outcomes/future storylines close to his vest. The more people that find out about it, the easier it is for us to find out. As for the access to this information "taking the fun out," you can still be kayfabed, but the very fact you are asking this question at this website says you want to know what is going on.

What's the favorite city to host Wrestlemania 30 next year?

An announcement will be made soon regarding the location of Wrestlemania 30 but the last I heard, New Orleans was the front-runner. The city emerged as the front-runner due to a tax credit that would be granted to WWE should they choose to run the show there.

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