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Teddy Long's Role In WWE, Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker?, Kharma's Return, A Fake Kane?

What is Teddy Long's backstage role within WWE?

Teddy Long doesn't have an official backstage role in WWE as he is limited to being the on-screen General Manager of Smackdown. However, Long is a veteran in the wrestling business and is a former referee. He's a great source of information and someone that can provide advice to others. He's capable of helping out but has no official role outside of his on-screen gimmick.

With Brock Lesnar retiring from UFC, is there a chance he could be the opponent of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVIII?p

Several years ago, before his success in the octagon, Brock Lesnar pitched an idea to WWE officials to return for a match at Wrestlemania. Apparently he was even willing to do a job for the right pay. WWE wasn't interested unless he was willing to make a longer commitment because the feeling was he hadn't had any success outside of what he had in WWE. The reason I mention this before answering your question is that I want to establish that Lesnar was at one time willing to return to WWE for a one shot. I believe Lesnar vs. The Undertaker is a long-shot but it is something WWE wanted to do last year. I wrote a lengthy piece last night, detailing everything that must happen for Brock Lesnar to WWE to become a reality. You can read it at this link.

What is the chance that Kharma could be the subject of the cryptic videos? If it’s not her then when is she due to return?

I haven't heard Kharma's name mentioned with the cryptic videos - the only two names connected have been Chris Jericho and The Undertaker. Kharma is due late this month or early next month, however, she hasn't yet given birth. She had her publicist release a video over the holiday weekend that you can watch at this link. As for her return, no timetable has been set.

Who is under Kane's mask now? Is it really Glen Jacobs? It doesn't really look like his body figure.

Kane is Glen Jacobs. I know I'll never be able to satisfy some with this answer but I promise it's not a different worker.

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