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Tensai's WWE Return, Cena/Time Off, Why Miz Is Hosting SummerSlam, Morrison Update

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How difficult is to for Tensai to leave WWE, work overseas and become dominant somewhere else, only to come back with a huge push and end up as comic relief?

Matt Bloom, a/k/a Tensai, is a good worker. We've gotten to see shades of it since his return to WWE in 2012 but work is only one aspect of what it takes to be successful in WWE. The Lord Tensai push as a "monster" just didn't work. The fans didn't buy it, they still viewed Bloom as Albert, and it flopped. I can't explain why the crowd didn't react but WWE gave it a fair chance before pulling the plug. Now, Tensai is still able to get on television but in a different role. While he would rather be a top guy, he's still getting on television and working for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

Do you think John Cena should get an extended break like CM Punk got?

There has been concern about John Cena burning himself out both physically and mentally but John is a workaholic. He's a guy that wants to be out there performing in the ring. This aspect, which is often highlighted in his promos, is just part of who he is. WWE does feel they need him as he remains the face of the company and their top draw.

What is the point of The Miz hosting SummerSlam?

The point of making The Miz "the host of SummerSlam" is to give him attention without putting him on the card. Even if he ends up with a match, which I don't expect, this is a way to differentiate him as a "bigger deal."

Have you heard any updates on a possible John Morrison return to WWE?

I haven't heard anything recently about John Morrison returning to WWE. The last I heard when there was mutual interest earlier this year, Morrison didn't want a long-term commitment and Vince McMahon wanted a minimum of two years. I have not heard an update since then.

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