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The Boogeyman Back To WWE?, CM Punk's Love Life, Hornswoggle The Anonymous Raw General Manager, DDP's Return

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Could you ever see The Boogeyman returning to a WWE ring?

With The Boogeyman announcing his return to pro wrestling, many readers have emailed in with this question. I'm sure Marty Wright would welcome the opportunity to return to WWE but I don't see there being a lot of immediate interest due to his age. Wright will turn 48-years-old next week.

Are CM Punk and Beth Phoenix still together?

I can't believe I chose a question about CM Punk's love life but he's being hanging out with Lita again. Given the public nature of their relationship the first time around, if I had to guess, that is his current love interest. I've said too much already.

What are your thoughts on Hornswoggle being the General Manager of Raw this whole time?

To quote one of my favorite bloggers (who was writing on an entire different topic, on a completely different subject, here for those interested), the move was "unimaginative, lazy, cheap, and likely for the wrong reasons." I was appalled at the decision to reveal Hornswoggle as the Anonymous Raw General Manager and it is moves like this that give me a complete lack of confidence not only in the WWE creative team but in Vince McMahon in general. Obviously they tried to get some comedy out of a past angle but the Anonymous Raw General Manager gimmick was far too big to be lightly brushed off with Hornswoggle. The entire gimmick was horrifying from square one, completely defying logic at every turn, only for them to put the ultimate "crap stamp" on it on Raw Supershow. Rest assure, WWE will not have a lack of content for their "Are They Serious?" Web show any time soon.

Is it possible that Doink worked against Heath Slater because DDP cannot risk wrestling a match due to his injury that ended his career?

Diamond Dallas Page said that John Laurinaitis called him, told him about Heath Slater's match with Doink and asked if he would be interested in coming back to hit the Diamond Cutter. He was never asked to wrestle and Vince McMahon wanted to use it as a message to Randy Orton. Learn more about that at this link.

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