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The Gimmick Of John Laurinaitis, Heat On The Miz?, Has Raw Supershow Failed?, Hornswoggle

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I love John Laurinaitis' gimmick. It may be bland, but I think he's your textbook heel. How do you feel about his character, and his "Austin-McMahon" like feud with CM Punk?

You are 100% correct about John Laurinaitis being a bland heel as this is exactly what WWE is trying to accomplish with the gimmick. I've heard people call Laurinaitis resilient as despite not having the best of relationship with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, he's found a weekly role on television in addition to his responsibilities of running talent relations. While the full plans of the gimmick's future are not completely known the word is it will lead to something to do with the McMahon family.

Does The Miz have heat? He's been booked to look weak lately.

The Miz doesn't have any backstage heat as far as I know but they have booked him in a role that is building R-Truth back up as a babyface. I agree the booking has been questionable, especially after so much time and resources were spent on making him a top guy.

Does it seem like the Raw Supershow concept has blown up in Vince's face? The ratings have gone down and since the SmackDown superstars are being featured as well, some of the Raw superstars, namely Alex Riley as well as the Diva's division, haven't been featured as prominently?

There is certainly concern in the disturbing trend that has become more common than not of Raw Supershow losing audience as the show goes on. This was almost never the case as you could usually bank on the show growing its audience over its duration. However, to say the Raw Supershow concept has failed isn't accurate either. While the Raw Supershow rating hasn't been stellar, Smackdown's numbers have been very strong. One could easily attribute this boost to more Smackdown workers being featured on Raw thus carrying some of Monday's viewership to Friday nights. As for your concern about certain workers not being featured, Alex Riley is still getting on TV (albeit in more of an enhancement role) so that's not exactly an accurate statement either. Finally, and please excuse me for this, while I understand Riley is over and got a great initial reaction from fans I'm unsure of what the WWE audience sees in him. Being 100% honest and trying as hard as I can to act without bias, the guy could have an entire volume of botchamania dedicated to him.

What's the deal with Hornswoggle? Is he an actual wrestler or have an actual spot in WWE or is he only a TV gimmick like Teddy Long?

Hornswoggle is a performer in WWE under a Performer's Contract. While I'm not a fan of the over-the-top PG gimmick, midgets have had a very prominent part in pro wrestling's history. I have a lot of respect for Hornswoggle who is very good at his gimmick although it is not personally of interest to me.

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