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The Great Khali's Big Comeback, Cena Not Cleared?, Failed Gimmicks, Mysterio & Sin Cara

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Since The Great Khali worked this week's Saturday Morning Slam tapings, does that mean he is fully recovered and ready to return on the ring full time?

Yes, The Great Khali is medically-cleared to return to the ring after having surgery to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland. Any time someone has surgery it is serious but brain surgery is especially serious and Khali did return ahead of schedule. There is no way WWE would allow him to work without complete assurance from his physician he was healthy. Khali had the surgery performed by Dr. Joseph Maroon, who also serves as WWE's Medical Director, so the company has overseen the entire process.

Why would WWE book Ryback vs. CM Punk instead of John Cena? Isn't this lose-lose?

I don't have 100% confirmation but it would appear that John Cena is not ready to return following his elbow surgery. I gave my reasons here in Ask WNW why I felt Ryback vs. Punk is impossible to book and talked even more about it here in the Premium Mailbag. Booking Ryback period is going to be difficult, which is one reason I don't like "undefeated streaks," but it's especially hard with him being unproven as a main event talent.

It seems that WWE is always looking for new stars to build up. Every now and then, the creative team comes up with good gimmicks such as Ted DiBiase Jr.'s trust fund gimmick or even Kaval debuting as The One World Warrior, an old nemesis of Rey Mysterio. However, the creative team seems to drop the ball before the gimmick scratches its potential. What are your thoughts?

If there is one job I would never want it would be working as a member of a wrestling creative team. They never get enough credit yet are the first to take criticism for just about anything. The writers and producers can only do so much in terms of scripting a gimmick and planning out a match. It's up to the worker to take advantage of the opportunity and get over to the point where they will be in demand. Ted DiBiase has had some opportunities but none have resonated to the point he probably would have liked. Kaval is a different situation as he hated life on the road and didn't feel he was going anywhere in WWE. In short, I look at the writers and producers as catalysts to good gimmicks but not the sole focal point of their success.

Is there any chance that WWE will run a break up angle between Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara where one turns heel on the other which would lead to a match between the two at Wrestlemania?

Initial plans for the team of Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara were to book them together only to end up feuding them as your questions suggests, however, I do not know where those plans stand as of this writing. There was a lot of hope, especially from Triple H, that Cara would be the heir apparent to Mysterio but it was quickly realized that's much easier said than done.

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