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The Great Khali's Return, Talent Working Injured, WWE Copying Zack Ryder, Kane's Program With John Cena

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Wasn't The Great Khali released from his WWE contract last year? What changed that WWE decided to bring him back?

The Great Khali's WWE contract was coming up last year and negotiations broke down when Khali required too many days off. However, Khali was able to renegotiate with WWE and has come to terms on a new agreement. I'm not sure there was ever a point where he was officially released as he did WWE promotional work while home in India. You can read about how Khali went from a top priority to an afterthought late last year at this link.

What happens if a main eventer gets sick and is unable to work a scheduled match? Say for example a superstar gets the flu when they are booked, what would happen?

It's going to take a lot more than the flu to keep most workers down. In this business people work through just about anything to keep from losing their spot. When I get questions like this I often recall a time when John Cena worked with food poisoning and actually defecated in his pants. In most situations a worker has to be prevented from working by not receiving medical clearance. When this happens an angle is done to explain their absence.

Do you think WWE is trying to do what Zack Ryder did by helping produce superstars through the use of YouTube?

WWE is absolutely taking Zack Ryder's idea and expanding it. Ryder capitalized on social networking to gain a fan base and basically forced WWE to push him. WWE is always looking for ways to develop new stars and they've heavily analyzed what Ryder did in hopes of copying it.

What are your thoughts on the return of Kane?

I have not been a fan of Kane's return program with John Cena. WWE booked it as a way to give Cena something to do before The Rock while at the same time giving Kane a main event return feud. It would have made more sense for WWE to program Kane against Mark Henry given it was Henry that was used to write Kane off TV, however, Henry was busy with Big Show and is now injured.

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