The Hang-Up On Goldberg To WWE, Wrestlemania XXVIII Main Event, What WWE Gains With A Masked Kane, Disturbing Trend With The Raw Rating


What do you think is keeping Goldberg from signing with WWE for at least one last match at Wrestlemania?

Goldberg would gladly come to WWE and work a final match at Wrestlemania. The problem is he wants a lot of money for just that - one match. From what I've been told, Vince McMahon would like him to sign a contract where he'd be around for awhile so the company could build him. While I've always like Goldberg's work, he's a guy that overvalues his services because he can. He doesn't need the money and feels like if WWE wants him bad enough, they'll give him the deal he wants.

What should main event Wrestlemania XXVIII? The Rock vs. John Cena or The Undertaker defending the streak - which would likely be his final match ever?

First of all you're getting ahead of yourself. While expected to return, The Undertaker is still on hiatus from WWE and is not booked for Wrestlemania. There have been two matches announced, none of which involve Undertaker. If he is announced for the show, which he is expected to be, we do not have an official word about him retiring. There have been rumblings it could be his last, however, I at least want to see him return and get booked before we start planning his retirement. With that being said, The Rock vs. John Cena has to go last because it is the focal point of the show.

What does WWE gain from putting the mask back on Kane?

WWE gains a refreshing new character portrayed by an experienced veteran that gives them another main event talent people want to see. Many would argue WWE hurt the Kane character when they originally took the mask off, however, that argument was damaged when he was given the biggest push of his career (as World Heavyweight Champion) without it. Kane is the only thing that left people buzzing after this week's TVs and I'm looking forward to the progression.

What is the reason for the Raw rating going down while the Smackdown rating is going up?

This is the million dollar question that can only be answered with theories fueled by personal opinion. The trend that concerns me with the Raw rating is the show is constantly losing audience in the second (or in this week's case, third) hour. WWE is getting the audience but they aren't keeping them and that is something that must be fixed.

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