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The Job Of A Road Agent, John Cena's Program With Brock Lesnar, WWE As Sports Entertainment, WWE Legends House

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What is a "road agent"?

Road agents are now known as producers in WWE. They are former wrestlers that act as liaisons between the creative team and wrestlers. Storyline plans will come down from creative and are given to the producers to go over with talent. It's also the producers who are in charge of live events and make sure things run smoothly.

Why did WWE end John Cena's program with Brock Lesnar so soon?

Vince McMahon wanted to do Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena immediately for several reasons, however, there are a couple worth mentioning. First, McMahon knew the longer they waited for Lesnar to return, the more his star would fade. Vince was determined that Brock's first post-UFC appearance was in a WWE ring so when a contract was signed, he wanted Lesnar in the ring immediately. Cena agreed to work with Brock as a a way to provide a main event level feud. It's also important to remember that Lesnar isn't a full-time star so he is limited to the amount of dates he will work therefore WWE doesn't want to overuse Lesnar in the beginning when they can spread out his dates to get full use of his drawing power. While Brock has seemingly moved on to a program with Hunter there was talk at one point of having him involved in Cena's match on Sunday against John Laurinaitis although there has been a new path paved for Big Show should that be the direction WWE wants to go in.

What's the logic behind labeling pro wrestling as sports entertainment and not a sport?

Vince McMahon likes to call the workers "entertainers" and "performers" and not "wrestlers" while referring to WWE as sports entertainment and not pro wrestling. It's all part of shedding the stereotypes associated with pro wrestling in order to broaden and diverse the fan base. McMahon also likes to brand WWE as an entertainment company in which investors are likely to take more seriously than a pro wrasslin organization. A lot of the boys think it's silly because everyone associates WWE with pro wrestling but there is a method to McMahon's madness.

What's the latest on the premiere of WWE Legends House?

There was talk that WWE Legends House could end up airing on SyFy with the delay of the WWE Network. The talk was it would have premiered last month but it didn't happen. The show is finished and now it's up to WWE as to where it will be distributed. While I don't know what nixed the possible deal with SyFy, I'm sure WWE likes the fact the show provides them with more original programming they can use to pitch the prospective WWE Network.

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