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The Last Of Chris Jericho?, Tyler Reks' Release & The Future Of Hawkins, The Rock's Return To Raw, Austin At Wrestlemania

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Do you think we have seen the end of Chris Jericho's career or will he come back in the future?

I feel like Chris Jericho will return to WWE at some point. He has a lot on his plate with another lengthy Fozzy tour and another autobiography scheduled, but by his own admission, we haven't seen the last of Y2J.

Now that Tyler Reks has been granted his release, what will happen to Curt Hawkins?

Curt Hawkins said he's in WWE to stay. He's a talented guy but just hasn't got much of an opportunity yet. While I thought Tyler Reks had potential, I'm not the least bit surprised he requested his release. Leaving the business to spend time at home is admirable but his in-ring career wasn't going anywhere.

Has there been any word on the next time The Rock will appear on Raw?

The Rock is confirmed for Royal Rumble 2013 so it's likely he'll appear on shows leading up to the pay-per-view next January. He wasn't planned to return to WWE until 2013 but they were able to get him to appear on the 1000th episode of Raw.

Is there any truth to Steve Austin returning at Wrestlemania?

The NEWZ sites pumped some rumor about Steve Austin not being ready to return to the ring but it was completely bogus. The truth is WWE wants to do Austin vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania XXIX next year but nothing has changed in terms of the match going past talk.

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