The Miz's Fall From Grace, Politics In Storyline, Part-Time Letdown, Embarrassing Moments

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I am really upset that Wade Barrett vs. The Miz was bumped off the Wrestlemania lineup to the pre-show. What are your thoughts?

The Miz has worked very hard to "make it" in WWE. Given how hard it was for him as a reality TV star turned pro wrestler, I don't know if I was in his shoes if I would have been able to endure the constant ribbing all while trying to prove myself. Miz has overcome many hurdles that propelled him to the main event of Wrestlemania XXVII. Since then, it's been a fall from grace and now he finds himself not even on the Wrestlemania card. He's a hard worker, says all the right things yet he still finds himself in this position. This business isn't for the weak and Miz is proving that, however, I would be very frustrated.

Are the political statements that Jack Swagger says in-character the political views of Vince McMahon?

While conservative, Vince McMahon does not hold the Tea Party views that Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter spout off in character. The gimmick is a rib on Ann Coulter, who publicly trashed Linda McMahon a few years ago. Zeb Colter is also conservative and you can get a better feel for his political stance here on Facebook.

What happens after Wrestlemania is over and the part-time wrestlers don't tour? Won't this hurt the live gate as well as TV ratings due to the letdown of not seeing the part-timers from Wrestlemania?

You just mentioned the downside of part-time talent and this is exactly the reason why Vince McMahon was reluctant to use names on part-time schedules (for the most part, workers such as Shawn Michaels and Undertaker were exceptions). However, the position has changed because the feeling is they are good for business. Yes - there will be a letdown after Wrestlemania and it's absolutely crucial that WWE can create at least one more big name coming out of the pay-per-view. I penned an article here on where I look at seven workers I'll be watching closely at Wrestlemania 29.

Are there ever times when you are embarrassed to have dedicated your career to following wrestling, for example when Santino Marella asked Brad Maddox if he had "caca in his pants?" Is the target age for WWE now five?

I'm not embarrassed for following my dream in being able to impact a business I grew up loving, however, there are storylines that make me embarrassed to admit I am a wrestling fan. The work of Santino doesn't bother me as he's funny enough to pull it off, however, stuff like Mae Young giving birth to a hand or Kane and necrophilia were fairly detestable. Oddly enough, both of these were done in the Attitude Era. This is intentional, as I want the critics of "everything was better back then" to see there were bad storylines in the Attitude Era too.

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