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The Miz/WWE Title, Divas Returning, The Lifeblood Of WWE, Why People Visit WNW

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The Bella Twins

With The Miz hosting SummerSlam, do you see a possible swerve finish in the WWE championship match where he costs either Daniel Bryan or John Cena the gold?

While I'm sure there are a lot of Miz fans that would love to see this scenario take place, I think if anyone interferes in the WWE title match at SummerSlam it will be Randy Orton. However, it's at least worth mentioning that anything is possible. The fact WWE has announced The Miz as the "host" of SummerSlam rules him out in my eyes for any type of "surprise" interference.

Is it true WWE was looking to bring back former Divas?

WWE was looking to bring back former Divas earlier this year and ultimately decided to bring back Nikki and Brie Bella. This has resulted in Maria Kanellis accusing the Bellas of blocking her WWE return, as she was also contacted. We heard WWE was interested in bringing Stacy Keibler back for Total Divas but who knows if that was ever even a realistic possibility.

Can you explain the WWE Performance Center to the casual fan?

The WWE Performance Center is a gigantic 26,000 square-feet facility in Orlando, Florida that is used to train developmental workers and give injured workers a place to rehab their injuries. In addition to a full-time training staff, WWE's doctors keep office hours where they can treat talent. The facility itself features seven wrestling rings, a promo room and more. The WWE Performance Center is seen as the lifeblood of the company as it is where new stars are literally created.

Is there anything that can be done to keep other websites from stealing content posted at

We keep a close eye on our content and contact website owners if we feel our content is published on other websites without permission. As with any business, it's impossible to stop thieves completely but I feel we do a very adequate job in controlling it. The reason people visit WNW outside of the many other websites is our content is 100% exclusive and I feel we offer a level of quality above any other website or application.

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