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The New Age Outlaws, Fandango's Future, Rock Over Cena, Hogan Returning To The Ring

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With the return of The New Age Outlaws at non-televised events, is it safe to say they will be booked on TVs and PPVs to work/feud with the young talent in the tag division?

The New Age Outlaws were used as a special draw on holiday live events. This is similar to the use of Jerry Lawler in years past. Both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are employed by WWE in "office" positions, as Road Dogg is a producer and Gunn works as a developmental trainer. I haven't heard of any plan to bring them back on a regular basis to work TVs and PPVs as they have other roles and responsibilities in the company.

With Fandango (Johnny Curtis) defeating Jamie Noble at WWE live events, could this be a test to see if Fandango is ready for the main roster? Is Fandango expected to debut soon?

WWE gave Fandango more work on holiday live events where he worked Ted DiBiase then Jamie Noble after injury [to DiBiase]. This was done to give him some work and gauge crowd reactions to the character. WWE shelved the vignettes on television, as the end of the year around the holidays isn't the optimal time to debut a new character. As far as I know he'll be brought to TV when deemed ready.

You recently said, “ I want it on record if I were booking, I would put Rock over Punk for the title at Royal Rumble, have him successfully defend it at Elimination Chamber and drop it in a “passing of the torch” at Wrestlemania 29.” With that being said, don’t you think the "torch" should have been passed to John Cena last year seeing how he’s the face of the company?

I wasn't a fan of The Rock going over John Cena at Wrestlemania because I didn't like the message of a part-time talent going over the face of the company. While Rock teased working again after the pay-per-view, for all we knew at the time, this was his final bout. Now that we know Rock is coming back for a few months this year, it was probably best Rock went over so he would have value when he returned. The booking of part-time talent is very tricky and given the fact no one (except for maybe Vince McMahon) knows the future of these stars, it's hard to analyze. One of the biggest creative mistakes made last year was putting Brock Lesnar under to John Cena at Extreme Rules because they killed a lot momentum out of the gate.

If Hulk Hogan were to wrestle another match do you see it being with the WWE at Wrestlemania 30 or some random TNA PPV?

Hulk Hogan is not only under contract with TNA Wrestling but he's an executive in the company. I'm 100% against Hogan returning to the ring as not only would it jeopardize his long-term health with his back issues, it creates a match no one wants to see. There is no use to speculate about anything in WWE while Hogan is under contract with TNA.

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