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The Raw GM Spot, No IC Title Defense, WWE Network Questions, In-Ring Time Constraints

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How long do you envision John Laurinaitis being the Raw General Manager and Who do you believe will take his place?

I am so frustrated over the Raw General Manager gimmick I hope a resolution comes soon but I haven't heard. The "chaos" seems more evident than ever with The Miz and R-Truth still wreaking havoc, even though they were "reinstated." The turns of this angle haven't added up and it's all the more frustrating we never got a conclusion to the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

Why was the WWE Intercontinental Championship not defended last night at WWE Vengeance?

The outcome of Randy Orton going over Cody Rhodes makes it obvious why the WWE Intercontinental Championship was not defended. They didn't want Randy Orton picking up the secondary belt while they are trying to elevate Rhodes. While I will discuss this match in detail later today in my Richard Reacts to WWE Vengeance, Orton had to go over to keep him from looking weak after going under to Mark Henry. I like how it wasn't done 100% clean to prevent from weakening the elevation of Cody Rhodes.

It is reported the new WWE Network will launch in 2012. What will happen to Raw on the USA Network and Smackdown on Syfy? Also there has been no mention whether this new channel will be free, or on a PPV basis and are systems like Dish going to carry it?

About the only concrete thing about the WWE Network is it will launch next year. As for Raw on USA and Smackdown on SyFy, there are no plans to touch the current television deals. The WWE Network is probably the biggest undertaking of Vince McMahon to date and is a tremendous risk. However, if McMahon is able to make it work, he guarantees the company TV clearance thus preventing the company from relying on any third party TV network. As for network clearance, no clear cut decision has been made on the format. Gaining clearance on cable and satellite systems is very difficult and one of the things WWE is hoping for by advertising the network in advance is to lobby fan support to help them in negotiations. I've covered the inception of the WWE Network thoroughly in our Backstage News section. Be sure and check out the stories there for more details that you won't find out elsewhere.

How do wrestlers know how long they have to wrestle? If a wrestler has 15 minutes to wrestle how does he or she know exactly what time it is to end their match?

Performers in WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling are given an approximate amount of time for their match and they are to stay within those time constraints. As for "how they know," the referees wear wires where producers can communicate with them and they can relay that information to the wrestlers.

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