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The Return Of The Corporation, Orton's Reign, WWE Without Cena, Another Injury For Sin Cara

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The New Corporation

Maybe it's just me, but seeing the McMahons, Hunter and chosen champ Randy Orton, just screamed to me the new corporation and maybe Daniel Bryan as the next rebel like Stone Cold.

I absolutely liken the current WWE title situation and subsequent Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan program to the Corporation faction of the Attitude Era. This week's Monday Night Raw was largely forgettable until the final segment, which I felt was well done. I couldn't help but feel nostalgic over Daniel Bryan out to oppose the McMahon family and being "beat down" as a result. One of the reasons I was in favor of Orton "cashing in" on Bryan [at SummerSlam] is because I felt it would increase crowd reactions on both sides. If this week's Raw was any indication that is exactly what has happened. Despite his very brief WWE title reign, Daniel Bryan is more over now than he ever has been in his entire career. Could Bryan be the next Steve Austin? We're off to a good start and it's exciting to see it evolve.

How do you feel Randy Orton's run as the "Corporate Champion" will compare to the runs of The Rock, Steve Austin, etc?

With John Cena out, it's up to Randy Orton to carry WWE. He has finally regained the trust of Vince McMahon following last year's Wellness Policy violation and is now the top heel in the company. I don't want to "wish away" the program with Daniel Bryan but I want to see a feud between Orton and CM Punk for the WWE title. WWE would be best suited to leave the belt on Orton for a while to help establish his new spot as the top heel.

With John Cena's injury and his upcoming 4-6 month absence from the ring, there will be many superstars willing and able to step up to the plate. How do you see such an extended absence for "the face of the franchise" affecting his status in the company?

John Cena will still be the "face of WWE" when he returns from injury but let's face it, Cena needs some time off. I've heard over the course of the last year WWE officials were worried about Cena burning out physically and mentally and while no one wants to see it happen like this, some time away should be good for him. I worry the Cena character is as stale as ever but WWE doesn't appear to changing it anytime soon.

Considering the fact that this will be the 4th time Sin Cara will have been out for an injury since he signed, and on the first move of the match no less, should WWE just cut their losses with him?

The stock of Sin Cara seems to be at an all-time low. It just hasn't worked out. WWE hoped they would sign him and have a seamless transition from Rey Mysterio, however, Cara's run in WWE has been marred by a Wellness violation and injuries. I don't want to see anyone lose their job but Cara's run in WWE has not worked.

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