The Ridiculousness Of Kane's Character, Chris Jericho's WWE Departure, How Much Time I Spend Working, Jack Swagger's Future

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Is it just me or is Kane's character ridiculous? In the past few years he's gone from putting The Undertaker in a vegetative state to playing trombone with Santino, back to being a disturbed monster... now he's a face again? Do you find the frequent switches make it hard for fans to care about him one way or the other?

It's interesting you mentioned Kane as I was just told this week by one of my sources how Kane is an example of the writers being "burned out," floating the character with no direction. To his credit, Kane is a reliable veteran that can work as a babyface or a heel but he never got over to the point where he could carry things as "the guy." As a result he's worked in the mid-card and in the main event, having a decent amount of success in both but it does become confusing to keep up with.

When Chris Jericho finishes up with WWE in a couple weeks, is he finished for good?

I am under the impression that Chris Jericho's WWE contract is out of dates after SummerSlam. Based on what he, he intends to leave before then. The door will always be open for Jericho to return but it would be great for Dolph Ziggler to go over in their program and would be somewhat of a "passing of the torch."

How much time do you spend a week or in a day getting information about what's going on in WWE and TNA?

I work 12+ hours most every day, with the exception being Saturday's or non-PPV Sunday's. Time off is important but it's very important to me to keep my readers in the know all the time. There is a tremendous amount of information thrown at me every day and it's my responsibility to sort through it, follow-up on leads and post detailed and accurate information. I pride myself in giving readers an experience that is better than anything else out there but I couldn't do it without your support.

What has happened to Jack Swagger?

Jack Swagger hit a snag during his run as World Heavyweight Champion with behavioral problems backstage and has never been able to recover. As of mid-July there were no creative plans for him.

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