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The Rock's Promo Notes, Heat On John Cena/Rock?, How WWE Stars Are Paid, Big Show At Wrestlemania

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Do you think The Rock’s “promo notes” were on his hand on purpose on last night's WWE Raw Supershow? He is the master of cutting promo’s off the cuff it doesn’t seem right for him to have notes pre-written down.

This is probably something we'll never know but I have a hard time believing The Rock would OK John Cena calling him out if he was trying to be secretive. We can make as big of a deal about the notes as we want but the bottom line is - The Rock is one of the best talkers in the history of the wrestling business. As a result, John Cena elevated his game and cut an outstanding promo to argue Rock's claims. I Tweeted last night that the undercard workers that are sending out anonymous texts need to put their phones away and pull out their notepads. Seriously, this is a great opportunity for up and coming talent to learn from one of the best. Do you see what happens when the quality is elevated? John Cena came with his A game and we saw an outstanding segment close last night's show.

I love the way The Rock and John Cena go back and forth as we build towards their match at Wrestlemania XXVIII. It reminds me of the Attitude Era with all their remarks. Do those two get any backstage heat?

Neither The Rock nor John Cena are going to get heat for putting on entertaining television! While The Rock clearly has free reign, last night was WWE at its best. My wife just told me her Facebook feed was blowing up last night from non-regulars talking about the stellar promo work. The best angles are angles backed with legitimate claims and when the line between work and shoot is blurred. Last night the line was blurred and entertaining programming was the result.

Do workers get paid if they are written off television as part of a storyline like in Zack Ryder's case?

WWE workers are paid downside guarantees - money they get as long as they are not suspended. This money is paid based on a percentage of a yearly amount. When a worker appears on television or works a match, they are paid a $500 show bonus. When they do not appear, they do not collect the bonus. Workers are also paid bonuses for merchandise sales, PPV buys, etc. Therefore to answer your question, someone like Ryder is still paid their downside but not the show bonus.

Are there any plans to have Big Show in a match against Mark Henry
at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

My first reaction when I read this was "I hope not." Based on the way Big Show is currently being booked, it looks like WWE is teasing something with WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania XXVIII. Shaquille O'Neal is likely out and you can read why in my exclusive article posted yesterday at this link.

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