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The Rock's WWE Title Shot, Thoughts On Raw 1000, Steve Austin Not Appearing, Taking Time Off

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With The Rock challenging for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, does this mean he's back full time? If not, how can someone only part-time challenge for the most prestigious title in WWE?

The Rock isn't back full-time but the creative team has been exploring plans to get him a WWE Championship match. Originally thought to be for Wrestlemania, the plan all along has been for him to also work Royal Rumble. Believe it or not, I heard there was talk of him winning the Money in the Bank briefcase (that ultimately ended up going to John Cena) but they were unable to do it because Rock had a prior commitment. WWE has wanted to put Rock in the WWE title picture since he worked Wrestlemania XXVIII earlier this year.

What were your thoughts on the 1000th episode of Raw?

The show was fun with a lot of nostalgic moments where they still moved current storylines. The biggest disappointment was Steve Austin not appearing, however, WWE put together a very solid show. Some may have preferred more wrestling but there was no way they would have been able to get everyone on television with a wrestling-heavy broadcast. I am surprised that John Cena became the first person to cash in the Money in the Bank title shot and not win the title and feel like had it been anyone other than Cena, a lot of people would have been upset with the match outcome today.

Where was Steve Austin? Why wasn't he on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw?

I heard Steve Austin's schedule was clear for him to appear but obviously it didn't happen. WWE put together the Austin vs. Mr. McMahon vignette to pay tribute to the biggest program in the history of Raw but like I said above, I was disappointed Austin didn't appear. It will certainly be interesting to see if Austin did indeed have a prior engagement or couldn't agree to the terms of an appearance.

Do you ever take time off from your job? Like do you sleep at night?

This was a funny one but to answer, yes I get time off and I do sleep at night. I'm blessed to have a wonderful staff of writers and am very thankful for the work of Brooks Oglesby, Sean Hopkins, Kendra Bunyon, Alex Barie, Matt Andrews, Adam W and Guy Landau. My time off is limited as it's essential to provide readers with multiple updates per day so you are always in the know but I am very thankful for my dedicated staff of writers and all the loyal readers that visit daily.

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