The Rock/WWE, Updating On MVP, Paige's Stock, Maria’s Drama With The Bella Twins

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With The Rock being on the cover of WWE 2K14, what are the chances he will be back in WWE for Wrestlemania XXX next year?

I was told shortly after it was announced The Rock would be on the cover of WWE 2K14 that he has several promotional appearances lined up to promote the game this fall. Whether or not that means a return to WWE TV remains to be seen but I certainly wouldn't rule it out. As for The Rock working Wrestlemania XXX, I'm personally looking at it as 50/50. When Rock made the comments that Wrestlemania 29 could have been his last match a lot of people saw it as a result of the injuries he suffered in the bout amongst other things. However, he is not a lock for next year's show either.

Do you have an update on MVP returning to WWE after being backstage at Smackdown in Houston last week?

I am unaware as of this writing regarding any update on MVP returning to WWE. A few months ago both Rob Van Dam and MVP were on the WWE radar and we were told at the time that RVD was more of a priority. RVD ended up signing and MVP is currently doing a television series with Lionsgate TV. Bruce Prichard was pushing for TNA to bring MVP in but he's since departed. MVP did feel it was necessary to rule himself out of the August 1, 2013 mystery man angle that TNA is doing.

With Paige being crowned the first WWE NXT Women's Champion have you heard any news regarding a main roster call-up?

WWE officials have been high up on Paige for months and she was on the road with the main roster back in May. In fact, she even pinned AJ Lee at a live event match in March. WWE clearly didn't think she was ready to come to television but her stock remains high in developmental. With the company focusing on the Divas on the reality show right now, it's smart to let her get seasoned before calling her up.

It was recently revealed The Bella Twins blocked Maria and two other Divas from going to WWE. Can you confirm this and who were the other two?

Maria Kanellis recently Tweeted that the Bella Twins blocked her and two other Divas from coming to WWE, so that's where this all started. I don't know who Maria was talking about but WWE did contact several former Divas about returning back in March of this year. Names we heard that were contacted included Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Eve Torres and Michelle McCool. Again, I don't know who Maria was talking about but can tell you the Bellas are well-positioned in WWE politically as Nikki is dating John Cena. However, as much as I like Maria, I don't like this look on her. Criticizing the Bellas on Twitter just makes her look bad. The best thing to do in this case is to say nothing. Twitter is a great thing but a lot of people use it before thinking of the full impact of their comments.

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