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The Shield/Punk, What Vince Thinks Of Us, Batista & Wrestlemania, Undertaker's Future, Lesnar's WWE Deal

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Do you think, or believe, the creative writing team will reveal that The Shield is actually working for The Rock and only helping out CM Punk so The Rock could face him at the Royal Rumble, as payback for Raw 1000?

I appreciate your attention to detail and logic in using a past storyline into a new one but I can tell you this was not the plan as of last week. The Shield is pseudo-aligned with CM Punk but long-term future plans are unknown. When The Shield debuted at Survivor Series there was no plan past the pay-per-view as this has been something booked on the fly. Their first big test will be at WWE TLC on Sunday as to whether or not they are over enough to hold their own in a pay-per-view match.

What is Vince McMahon's opinion on sites such as Wrestling News World? Does he hold it in higher regard in comparison to NEWZ sites, or are they all the same to him?

It's all the same to Vince McMahon. They don't like this website because they want everyone to visit where they can monetize what they consider their traffic. Further, Vince doesn't like storylines and spoilers leaking and tries his best to keep things under wraps. Vince [and others in the WWE office] will claim they pay no attention to Wrestling News World yet they do not hesitate to email when they need something. And just to clarify, Vince has never emailed personally.

Is there any interest in Dave Batista working Wrestlemania next year?

The feeling has been since Batista left WWE that he'll be back one day. He's been a strong critic of WWE PG yet has had informal discussions about returning. Batista said he wouldn't be returning this year and he won't be. 2013 is a new year although I'm not sure WWE needs Batista given Wrestlemania 29 is already stacked with top talent.

Will Undertaker ever come back for anything more than Wrestlemania?

Anything is possible but there are no plans for Undertaker to be any more than a part-time star at this stage in his career. Undertaker realizes he only has a handful of matches left in his career and wants to make them count. I published an article on our sister website,, about possible Wrestlemania opponents for Undertaker with a new update on his status at this link.

Wasn't Brock Lesnar's deal with WWE to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 next year?

Brock Lesnar signed a one year part-time contract with WWE believed to be worth somewhere in the range of $5 million. The assumption is he'll do whatever they ask him to collect his paycheck. That said, Undertaker and The Rock both want to face him at the pay-per-view next year.

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