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The Trickle Down Effect From Randy Orton's Suspension, Past Faces Of WWE, Influence Of Kane & Christian, What's Next For Jack Swagger

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What effect does Randy Orton's suspension have on top talents such as John Cena given the fact ratings are slipping and they may need more out of their top guys?

The ramifications of Randy Orton's suspension are massive which is why there is nuclear backstage heat on him. WWE is in desperate need of top names and the fact that one of their top guys screwed up this bad at this stage in his career has everyone upset. The trickle down effect is significant as it's going to be up to guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Big Show, etc. to step up and fill the gap because given Orton's history of problems, there isn't going to be a lot of confidence in booking him going forward.

I feel like being called the face of the WWE is a huge honor and it's a title that doesn't necessarily go to the current champion. That being said, can you name some guys of the past that were considered the faces of the WWE?

The "face of the company" can be defined as "the biggest draw" or who sells the most merchandise. Generally I don't like making lists such as this because they can be debated and I don't have the sales figures in front of me. However, I'm willing to take a look at top names since Cena. Coming out of the Attitude Era, Triple H was "the guy" and prior to him that title was held by Steve Austin and The Rock. It was Austin and The Rock, along with DeGeneration X, that carried the product to a new level and ultimately put WCW out of business. Prior to them, Bret Hart was the guy and then of course we have Hulk Hogan who really took the entire business to a new level.

What type of backstage influence to guys like Kane and Christian have?

Veterans always have more backstage influence than the younger guys. Not only is the respect level higher amongst their co-workers but their opinions also carry more weight with company officials. How big a star a worker is gauges how much influence that particular worker has. As you can imagine someone like John Cena or CM Punk has considerable stroke over someone like Tyler Reks or Curt Hawkins.

Once Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger's alliance breaks up, what do you think will be next for the All-American American? Will WWE try to turn him into the next American hero or the next Kurt Angle?

WWE is high up on the in-ring work of Jack Swagger which fueled his reign as World Heavyweight Champion a couple years ago. However, there were problems with Swagger's attitude which ultimately led to his push getting killed and him enduring a "humbling" experience. Swagger, at 30-years-old, is starting to enter his prime years so it will be up to him where he is able to go from here. Swagger has got to take advantage of the opportunities he gets, getting over with the audience then convincing management he's not going to have any more behavioral issues. I feel like with Orton's spot being vacated, it's an opportunity for anyone working below him.

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