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The Undertaker's Future, Dislike For Rock & Brock, Wrestlemania Abroad, Lesnar Not Liking Cena

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What are the chances for The Undertaker to be in the Hall of Fame next year? Is he going to retire now that he is 20-0?

WWE is playing up the fact The Undertaker is "finished" because there is nothing left for him to accomplish. You can watch a compelling video of WWE stars discussing his outstanding Wrestlemania 28 bout against Triple H at this link. Behind-the-scenes I can confirm WWE is already making plans for Undertaker to work Wrestlemania 29 next year in New Jersey. I don't know where Undertaker stands on working/retiring but the company is making plans like he will work. As for the Hall of Fame, I haven't heard any names mentioned for induction next year.

I know a lot of the boys dislike Brock Lesnar and The Rock based on issues highlighted in yesterday's Ask WNW but at the same time I feel like Brock & Rock have earned this type of treatment. It seems like to me the boys in the back don't know what it means to pay your dues. What are your thoughts?

I do not feel it's an issue where the boys don't understand what it's like to "pay dues" as one could argue there are boys in the back that have "paid their dues" more than both The Rock and Brock Lesnar. It's a situation where Rock and Brock (I love how that rhymes) are very rare and talented individuals that still draw. There is obviously a lot of jealousy and resentment towards guys that can come in part-time and earn huge 7-figure salaries for minimal work while the boys working 300 days a year are making significantly less. My argument is that it's up to the "full-timers" to step up and force WWE to take notice of them and there won't be a need to highlight part-time talent. With that being said I can also understand how frustrating it would be to hear Lesnar is reportedly getting $5 million for a limited amount of dates over the next year. However, from a fan's perspective, I want the most entertaining programming and I welcome the addition of Rock and Brock.

Do you ever see WWE holding Wrestlemania abroad? I would think Wrestlemania in England would be huge.

We get this question a lot and while I have heard WWE has looked at parts of Canada to hold Wrestlemania, the big detractor on holding it in England (or anywhere in the UK) is the time difference. As popular as WWE is internationally their top priority is still their core United States fan base. I love the fans over in the UK as I feel they add a unique aspect to WWE programming and would like to see WWE bring back a pay-per-view held across the pond but I would not be in favor of Wrestlemania due to the aforementioned time difference problem.

You mentioned that you found it ironic that Brock Lesnar was working with John Cena because in the past Lesnar didn't like Cena. Why?

I do not know the specific reason Brock Lesnar didn't like Cena but it's clear in many circles they didn't get along. Lesnar was a main event talent while Cena was still "coming up" and I don't know if Lesnar saw Cena as a threat or just didn't like him personally. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out but it's very different now as Cena is the face of WWE and no one is going to push him around.

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