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The Undertaker's Return, Confidence In Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston Being Elevated, All Is Well With Kharma

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Do you hope The Undertaker loses at Wrestlemania or should he retire at 20-0?

I've been very consistent with the fact that I think The Undertaker should retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. We should also be careful that while many have assumed this will be Undertaker's final Wrestlemania, that's nothing more than speculation as he hasn't come out and said that. I am in agreement with WWE doing Triple H vs. The Undertaker again. I wasn't at first, however, after analyzing the field there are very few people that would be able to lose to Undertaker without looking weak. It needed to be an established main event veteran and outside of Hunter, things were very limited.

Do you think WWE finally sees Daniel Bryan as a legitimate main event talent? The Champion vs. Champion match with CM Punk was awesome, despite the dirty finish and Chris Jericho's interference.

WWE is booking Daniel Bryan with confidence as a top heel on Smackdown and it's been a nice surprise. The way he was booked prior to "cashing in" at WWE TLC was less than promising and I expected his World Heavyweight Championship reign to be over in a blink. The company went with the babyface to heel transition and it's worked out well. Smackdown is pulling in good ratings and the brand has the best worker in the company working exactly where he should. Anyone that isn't sold on Bryan should be after last night’s outstanding match against CM Punk.

What is your take on Kofi Kingston being added to the Raw Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship after spending the past few months on Superstars? Is he being rewarded for his Rumble performance?

Kofi Kingston is in the midst of a push which became even more evident with WWE putting him over The Miz clean on last night's Raw Supershow. Kofi was close to making it to the main event a couple years ago and is getting another chance. This is great news for someone that has worked hard and was left for dead by Evan Bourne's bizarre behavior.

What can you tell us about Kharma and her return to WWE?

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Kharma gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Jamie on December 31st. I had heard very little from Kharma since she announced she was pregnant in May and couldn't enjoy her return at Royal Rumble because I had not heard she had given birth. The dates didn't seem to add up, however, all is well and Kharma is back.

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