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Thea Trinidad News, Anderson & Gallows In Doghouse?, Eva Marie Gone, MITB

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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Is WWE looking to bring in any former TNA or ROH talent for the women's tournament?

Not a whole lot of details surrounding the Mae Young Classic have been revealed yet, but we did have a few exclusive updates this week in our Premium section. As for potential competitors, I have heard that Thea Trinidad, who recently signed with NXT, is expected to be participant. Thea is the real-life girlfriend of Austin Aries, and was known as Rosita in TNA. Personally speaking, I would love to see someone like Santana Garrett involved as well. I'm not sure if it will come to fruition, but the tournament was almost delayed again as Triple H wanted a certain Knockout from Impact to be involved. You can read about that HERE.

Are Gallows and Anderson in the doghouse? They've been booked poorly since they lost the tag titles. I thought a move to Smackdown Live was going to happen but it didn't. Is there a reason why they've been booked so poorly?

It truly is insane to realize how poorly Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been booked since joining WWE just over a year ago. Their debut as a team was highly anticipated. Coming in right before the 2016 Draft didn't exactly help matters, in my eyes anyways. WWE strapped them as apparent transitional champions going into WrestleMania this year, so now where do they go? As you mentioned, I'm thinking a move to SmackDown may have helped. What I do know right now, though, is there actually is a bigger plan penciled in for these two coming up this fall. We touched on this a couple weeks ago HERE.

Is it really safe to say that Eva Marie is done with the WWE? If so, it is really weird because her Instagram profile still features "WWE Superstar" in the description.

From what we have heard, Eva Marie is indeed done with WWE. Following her abrupt suspension last summer, Eva has not returned as it appears she will be pursuing an acting career. Mentions of WWE in her bios may simply be there due to her (soon to be finished) association with Total Divas. I'm not sure at what point those ties will officially be cut. As we've witnessed over the last few weeks, Lana has taken Eva's SmackDown spot while using the gimmick that was meant for Emmalina. It'll be very interesting to see how she is booked at Money in the Bank.

Do you personally think that the Money in the Bank pay-per-view should go back to a co-brand show?

Money in the Bank would be a great co-branded show in June. The show is perfectly placed between WrestleMania and SummerSlam. The problem with it being a SmackDown-exclusive show this year is the lack of a rounded out card. For example, look at how stacked last year's event was? This time around, WWE has managed to get two ladder matches on the card thankfully, but I don't think anyone gives a hoot about Mahal vs. Orton for the top title. Even if the show does end up a success, the company may want to re-evaluate this for next year.

I'll end this by saying I will be in attendance of Money in the Bank in St. Louis, and will be providing Facebook Live videos and exclusive photos from inside the arena. Stay tuned to our social media pages!

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