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Thoughts On Alberto Del Rio, WWE’s Focus On Younger Talent, Tensai Experiment Over?, Claire Lynch Storyline

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What is your opinion of Alberto Del Rio?

I touched on fans not being sold on either Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus as main eventers in Friday's installment of Ask WNW but I didn't give my full thoughts on Del Rio. I'm actually in the middle regarding Del Rio and feel he isn't as good as some of his fans say he is but isn't as bad as some of his detractors say either. Del Rio has a good look and can talk; his in-ring approach is more "simple" where he doesn't try to do too much. I see him as a main event heel but not to the level of some of the better heels in WWE history such as Chris Jericho or Randy Orton, however, I would take Del Rio over other Mark Henry or Big Show.

Why is it that WWE doesn't focus enough on younger talent? The focus seems to be on more established names such as Randy Orton and John Cena.

WWE does a good job at developing younger stars while still focusing on their top draws, so I disagree with your premise they do not focus enough on the up and comers. It's very important to remember there are only a few main event spots available at a time, however, I look at Sheamus, The Miz and Antonio Cesaro, all current titleholders in WWE, as up and coming talent. None are necessarily "younger" but I don't think anyone is going to argue they are not next in line behind the obvious names of Orton, Cena and CM Punk. I realize Cena has a lot of haters, especially from the IWC, but he is WWE's top draw and his spot will remain untouched as long as he is their top draw.

Tensai wasn't on television this week. Has Vince McMahon lost interest in him?

The Tensai project appears to be over and for anyone doubting it, Matt Bloom put over Big E Langston, a developmental talent, and Tyson Kidd over on weekend live events. We should never read too much into the results at live events, however, the results seem to reaffirm the belief Tensai just didn't work.

With TNA ending the Claire Lynch/AJ Styles storyline on last week's Impact Wrestling, do you think anything good came out of it?

The storyline got people talking so if that is what TNA was going for then to worked. However, I don't see a payoff but Lynch is leaving TNA after it was revealed she actually works at Universal Studios.

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