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Thoughts On Bray Wyatt, Examining Wrestlemania Buys, WWE's Offseason, Ziggler's Return

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Bray Wyatt

What are your thoughts on Bray Wyatt?

I'm very high up on Bray Wyatt and as with Curtis Axel, it's a tremendous upgrade from Husky Harris. There are very few workers that you can't find a lot of bad stuff about and Bray is one of those guys. From John Cena on down the line, people have raved about Wyatt's work. A lot of readers complain about WWE changing gimmicks and blowing up factions from NXT to the main roster. This isn't happening with the Wyatt Family and I'm excited to see what they'll bring.

If the preliminary numbers are correct Wrestlemania 29, while still getting over a million buys, did far fewer than last year and even fewer than Wrestlemania 27 when The Rock was not an in-ring performer. Do you think this was due to lack of interest in the main two matches being rematches?

Before I answer this, let's take a look at Wrestlemania buys for the last three years:

Wrestlemania 29 - 1,048,000 (estimated)
Wrestlemania 28 - 1,217,000 (most in WWE history)
Wrestlemania 27 - 1,059,000

I absolutely think WWE saw a pull back in Wrestlemania buys this year from last due to the fact two of the show's three main events were re-matches. Also, one could argue The Rock has lost some luster after being back for his third straight year. I don't know what made Vince McMahon decide to do The Rock vs. John Cena again other than the fact it was a safe pick to top one million buys. With Rock and Brock I would have thought they could have toppled last year's number had they gave fans some fresh material. However, Vince came out of Wrestlemania 28 last year and said very early on he wanted to do the "Once in a Lifetime" match again. Maybe he just wanted to rib everyone.

What are the advantages of having Wrestlemania in the early spring as they do currently?

If WWE had an offseason, it would be after Wrestlemania. The way the calendar sets up, WWE's "season" is SummerSlam through Wrestlemania. The summer months are traditionally less watched and provide WWE an opportunity to bring new stars to TV. This is why things are set up as they are. WWE knows when the most people are watching and run their shows to reflect those viewing patterns.

When will Dolph Ziggler return?

As of this writing, WWE is advertising Dolph Ziggler for Saturday's live event in Bethlehem, PA. I haven't heard if he will return but he's still on the official listings for the entire loop and next week's TV tapings. He must pass an iMPACT concussion test before he will be cleared to return to the ring.

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