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Thoughts On Damien Sandow, Defining Backstage Heat, Raw Returning To Two Hours?, Austin vs. Punk

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What are your thoughts on Damien Sandow

I am very high up on Damien Sandow, who formerly worked as Idol Stevens. Sandow was trained by Killer Kowalski and has all the tools to be successful. The fact he's been in the business over a decade shows his passion and hard work in trying to make it to the top. The Sandow gimmick resonates with me and I feel he has a very high ceiling. I will be talking more about Sandow in today's Premium Mailbag.

When you say some has "backstage heat" what exactly do you mean? What exactly does that entail usually?

When we talk about someone having "backstage heat" it means they have upset their superiors through something they have done. When a worker gets backstage heat, it can result in anything from a stern talk to an outright termination. It's funny how we have our own lingo in this business and I often find myself using the terms in my every day life. Anyone ever accused their wife of turning heel?

Will WWE Raw ever go back to two hours?

I've said since WWE Raw went to a permanent three-hour timeslot on July 23, 2012 that the company would not look at reverting back to two hours unless the ratings took a significant step in the wrong direction. Given this week's 2.54 cable rating and disastrous viewership of 3,502,000 viewers, we look to be approaching that point if not already there. I will have more on Vince McMahon's reaction to the rating shortly, however, I believe one thing is evident in that viewer fatigue has set-in and the company has a problem keeping their audience for all three hours.

Is it possible Steve Austin makes an appearance on WWE television to "teach" CM Punk how to "earn respect"?

Anything is possible and I think all of the open dialogue regarding Steve Austin and CM Punk is done to set the groundwork for a possible Austin vs. Punk dream match at Wrestlemania. The company would like to do it at Wrestlemania XXIX next year but it depends on Austin's health and desire.

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