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Thoughts On Scott Hall, Mick Foley vs. Dean Ambrose, Christy Hemme's Career-Ending Injury, Steiner's Tweets, WWE Injury Updates

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Do you think Scott Hall will ever get better or will he just keep getting drunk until he eventually drinks himself to death?

My hope is that Scott Hall gets better and is able to overcome his very serious addiction to alcohol. I really agree with Kevin Nash when he said the only person that can help Scott is Scott. Hall has had some of the best treatment available, completely covered by WWE, but continues to relapse. At this point it's up to him and there is nothing anyone can really do.

What's the deal with the Twitter drama between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose?

The stuff between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose is an angle that started with this video over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend. It's all a work that will result in the main roster call-up for Ambrose (formerly known as Jon Moxley). If you need to catch-up, check out the Dean Ambrose news page.

Why does Christy Hemme no longer wrestle?

Christy Hemme retired from the ring due to a neck injury sustained in 2009 while training with AJ Styles for a match against Awesome Kong at TNA Genesis. She tried to return after undergoing surgery and rehab but ultimately it ended her in-ring career.

Are Scott Steiner's Tweets just him whining or is there some truth to his words?

Scott Steiner can be very opinionated to the point where he comes off as arrogant and annoying, however, his frustration with things in TNA aren't limited to just him. There is a clear divide in TNA from the bottom to the top, with much of the undercard upset at the main event direction of the company. Not everyone in that company is riding the Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff bandwagon and I could name names… but I won't;).

How is the injury list looking in WWE? Is Sin Cara still out for a few months?

Sin Cara isn't due back until next month at the absolute earliest. Rey Mysterio is targeting next month for his return. Layla is said to be close to returning while Ted DiBiase began getting back in in-ring shape this week. Justin Gabriel is scheduled to be back towards the latter part of May while Wade Barrett isn't expected back until SummerSlam.

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