Thoughts On Total Divas, Shelley, Comparing Bryan & Jeff Hardy, Batista A Legit Movie Star

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Total Divas

What were your thoughts on the premiere of Total Divas?

I held this question for a couple of days because I didn't get to watch the premiere episode of "Total Divas" until Tuesday night. I watched the show with my wife, who is a fan of reality TV and watches a lot of programming on E. She is admittedly and unapologetically not a pro wrestling fan so I was interested to see her reaction. The final verdict was that she liked the show and I did not. She felt the program was compelling and entertaining while the show told me what I already figured. This isn't a program about wrestling nor is it meant to cater to pro wrestling fans. This show is to expand WWE's demographic while also touting their diversity as an entertainment company. Total Divas featured romance, drama and a "real-life" look at the people that play the characters on television. I will continue to watch the show because I enjoy watching television with my wife - not because I'm a fan of its content. I'm not saying it "wasn't a good show," I'm saying I'm not a fan of reality TV shows based on romance and drama. I would rather be watching a baseball game. However, WWE and E got good news in terms of viewership and touted the results. The show also carried strong viewership numbers following Raw on Monday, with an average viewing audience of 1,300,000 viewers on the USA Network. If you missed it, we have a recap of the show available at this link.

What are the chances of Alex Shelley returning to TNA Wrestling to re-form The Motor City Machine Guns with Chris Sabin?

Alex Shelley has been working in Japan, looking at the time over there as a "break." Chris Sabin's stock is clearly the highest of his career but given the fact the company is currently pushing him in singles, I don't see the appeal in recreating The Motor City Machine Guns. Sure, they're a great tag team but working as a tag team would be a clear regression from TNA Champion. With that being said anything is possible.

Is it fair to compare the current rise of Daniel Bryan and how over he is to Jeff Hardy and his rise to the top of WWE?

Both Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy gave WWE no choice but to push them. You can absolutely compare them based on that. You could also say that neither Bryan nor Hardy fit the stereotypical "WWE mold" for a champion or top tier talent yet they are two of the most talented and over people in the pro wrestling business. To answer your question, yes it is a fair comparison although I believe the ceiling is higher for Daniel Bryan.

What's the latest on Batista and are there plans for him to return to WWE?

Batista is currently filming his first major movie role as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. There are no plans as of this writing for him to return to WWE and the fact is, him landing a major movie role has hurt the chances of a pro wrestling return. Batista was determined to "make it" outside of WWE but nothing was at the same level until he was cast for this part. Now, many doors are opened for him outside of wrestling. I always believed Batista would return to WWE for "one last run" but there are now other opportunities available.

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