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Time To Cut Bait With Michael Hayes?, How Often Talent Is Wellness Tested, Ricardo's Role In WWE, Ranking The Shield

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Michael Hayes

With the recent suspension of Michael Hayes do you see the WWE finally firing him? I mean he has been suspended once before for a calling Mark Henry a racial slur, how many second chances is he gonna get before the head office release him?

Let me catch everyone up and then I'll answer the question. Michael Hayes was suspended for 60-days by WWE in April 2008 for using a racial slur in front of Mark Henry. I have no problem with that suspension as racial slurs should not be tolerated and I feel WWE acted accordingly by sending a message. However, I do not understand this second suspension and feel there has to be more to the story. According to former WWE creative writer Court Bauer, Hayes was suspended after being seen drinking with Rosa Mendes at a bar (See also -Michael Hayes Reportedly Suspended After Drinking With Troubled WWE Diva). What? I understand Rosa has a history of substance abuse but why should it matter if two legal adults are having an alcoholic beverage at a legal establishment? If they were making a scene and embarrassing the company, that's one thing but to suspend someone for having a legal drink makes no sense. There are plenty of people that shouldn't drink that still drink. This entire ordeal makes no sense. As for Hayes getting fired, this incident (from how I understand it) does not warrant a suspension, let alone present probable cause for termination. WWE will not confirm the suspension and will only say that Hayes is away for personal reasons.

How many times per year does WWE contact Wellness testing on superstars and Divas?

The WWE Wellness Policy states that all talent is randomly tested a minimum of 4 times annually. Due to the random selection process of the testing, that number could increase as the company does not announce when they're conducting tests. You can read all about the policy here on the corporate WWE website.

Can you see Ricardo Rodriguez ever being more than a ring announcer/manager in this "feud" with Alberto Del Rio?

Ricardo Rodriguez is a trained wrestler and actually wrestled at this week's Smackdown taping (See also -*Spoilers* Complete Smackdown Taping Results For This Week). Given the fact he is a trained wrestler and actually wrestled this week, of course I could see him being more than a manager. However, I will remind everyone that thinks he should immediately be repackaged into a permanent in-ring performer. Where is he better suited? As a manager for a top worker such as Alberto Del Rio or Rob Van Dam or another forgotten talent without a storyline? Ricardo has a good spot in WWE and is fortunate to have the role that he has.

Out of the three members of The Shield, who do you see having a successful singles career?

I think all three have the potential to be huge stars as singles performers in WWE. If I had to rank them, I would rank them in the following order - (1) Dean Ambrose, (2) Seth Rollins and (3) Roman Reigns, however, I wouldn't be one bit shocked if Reigns accomplished more than Ambrose. These guys have it all and just "get it." Their stars are very bright and I see all three having prominent roles in WWE over the course of the next five years.

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