Title Matches At Survivor Series, Trouble With Goldberg vs. Lesnar, TNA's Future, Trump And WWE

Kevin Owens

With Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, The New Day and Charlotte in Survivor Series matches, will they still be defending their championships in other matches?

Plans for WWE Survivor Series changed significantly over the last 24-hours as it now appears to be a show that will have all of the focus on traditional Survivor Series matches with the main event of Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. I find it somewhat amusing as it was not long ago that Vince was ready to ditch the Survivor Series pay-per-view completely due to lackluster buyrates, believing the concept was outdated. I am unable to confirm there will be any title defenses now and it looks like the champions will be tucked into these traditional matches. Given how new much of this information is, we’re taking a wait and see approach. We have details as to what exactly happened with the creative changes at this link.

How can WWE try to protect what could be a disastrous match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg?

WWE logic - how do we handle one of the worst and most underwhelming Wrestlemania matches of all-time? Do it again! I believe WWE is in trouble with Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar and I will cite the way Goldberg looked on last night’s Raw. He even tweeted that he had some ring rust and stated in a recent media interview he hadn’t stepped into a wrestling ring yet. While I was originally against Goldberg returning, once viewership dropped low enough, I changed my mind. It offered a one week viewership bump but last night’s broadcast once again averaged under three million viewers (which cannot completely be judged because it was a holiday). I don’t know how Lesnar vs. Goldberg can be managed. Brock isn’t exactly “engaged” into this program — or any program for that matter — and Goldberg hasn’t done this in over a decade. Regardless of what they do to try and save it, Lesnar is going to be shown superior because Goldberg’s status moving forward.

What's the latest update with Billy Corgan and his TNA lawsuit?

Billy Corgan was denied a temporary injunction that would have given him control over TNA Wrestling. As we reported earlier here at Wrestling News World, this upset the talent roster as the majority were rooting for Billy to gain control. He plans to move forward with his lawsuit, which will be an ongoing process. For now, TNA will move without him but things continue to get bleaker as we’ve learned they’ve lost their deal with Challenge TV in the United Kingdom beginning in January 2017. TNA has kicked out at the long two count more than once but it’s getting extremely difficult for them to continue under these conditions. If they continue, expect it to look very different from the way it has looked over the Dixie Carter years.

Is the United States going to elect the first WWE Hall of Famer in Donald Trump next week?

Vince McMahon will likely hope that his friend and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump is elected President of the United States next week and while he’s been down a large margin, the polls seems to be tightening. Trump’s involvement within WWE hasn’t been highlighted throughout this campaign but members of the media did contact some talent and employees to inquire about his behavior [in light of sexual assault allegations] when he did some of the past angles for them. When Vince was told about this, he told people not to talk to anyone about Donald Trump. Politics in this country are as divided as ever and it’s not my goal to divide our readers. With that being said, I have already voted and voted for Hillary Clinton.

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