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Titleholder Leaving WWE?, TNA's Future Clearer, Updates On Hardy & Jericho

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Have you heard the rumor that AJ Lee is going to leave WWE after Survivor Series? Is there any legitimacy to this?

I have seen the rumor being pumped out that AJ Lee is leaving WWE after Survivor Series but because I have not been independently told that, I don’t believe it. Further, I can confirm she is booked for WWE live events after Survivor Series with an example that you can see at this link. AJ Lee is the real-life wife of CM Punk and she’s got her fair share of detractors backstage, so people like to talk about her. If we independently confirm that her status has changed, we’ll post it when we hear it. Otherwise, we’re operating under the assumption that she’ll continue to work for WWE.

With the future of TNA looking bleak, why doesn't WWE acquire TNA content for their network?

TNA Wrestling is expected to sign a new domestic TV deal before the end of the year, which should finally put to bed rumors about the company going out of business. We updated on Sunday about TNA parting ways with Spike TV as you can read that report at this link.

As for WWE acquiring TNA for the WWE Network, that’s absolutely not going to happen. I guess Vince McMahon would have interest in the TNA tape library if the company did go out of business but that’s not the case. If you think Vince should buy TNA, so Impact can continue on as an extra live show that originates on the WWE Network, that’s a fairly ridiculous notion. WWE already has NXT, Main Event and Superstars as live shows that originate on their Network. If they wanted another weekly series, they could produce it.

Is Jeff Hardy coming back to the WWE or not?

Jeff Hardy is currently under contract with TNA Wrestling, in multiyear deal he signed in February 2013. He stated over the summer that he was locked in “pretty much for two more years” with TNA, which would indicate they have options on his services. He has said he would like to finish his career in WWE but that obviously hinges on their interest when he is available.

How long is Chris Jericho back with WWE?

Chris Jericho was asked to work WWE’s European tour to add some star power and is now off to tour with his band Fozzy. It’s part of his relationship nowadays with WWE and he was used to help bolster the shows/tapings overseas. We’ll confirm the next time Jericho is booked to work a WWE show but he’s off for now.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2014: What did Damien Sandow do to get put in the position he is in now? - Everyone wants to know what you have to do to get booked like Damien Sandow. I don’t know if it’s a situation where he has heat or if creative just has nothing for him, so they revert to comedy. The booking is atrocious, the gimmick is reminiscent of the dreadful one WWE gave Charlie Haas and I’m not optimistic about his future. Every stat I can give you is horrible. Take into account he’s 3-37 in televised/pay-per-view matches for the year (including gimmicks such as Royal Rumble) and lost 3 times at a weekend live event.

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