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Titles Beneath Bray Wyatt, How Triple H Could Generate Nuclear Heat, Hardy To WWE?, Scripted Reality

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There has been no mention by Bray Wyatt of wanting to attain a championship in WWE. Despite notable feuds with Kane, Daniel Bryan and now John Cena, do you think there is any storyline that is feasible in which he will want to challenge for a title?

Unless it's the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, holding a title means very little to an up and coming superstar. Just look at Big E and Dean Ambrose. Did either rise to prominence because they held a mid card title? If anything, feuding for a mid card belt would be beneath where Bray Wyatt has been working. There are several feasible storylines I could pitch for Bray Wyatt to get involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship scene following his program with John Cena, however, I'm not sure that's the direction WWE wants to go. Bray has all of the tools to be a successful WWE World Heavyweight Champion and I'll flat out admit he's becoming one of my favorite characters on WWE television.

What if, in the absence of Daniel Bryan, Triple H gave one title to Randy Orton and another title to Batista?

I do not like hypothetical questions because we could play this game all day but could you imagine the heat this would generate? WWE is already going storyline-heavy with Daniel Bryan's injury, noting he's out because he's a B+ player that can't handle the wear and tear of being WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I don't know the direction WWE plans to turn but it will be a direction that is decided from Thursday through Sunday as they plan to address it on Monday's Raw. While your idea would undoubtedly get a ton of heat, I'm tired of The Authority's "insurmountable power" and hate the idea of Bryan getting "screwed out of his title" yet again.

Jeff Hardy said after his steel cage match with CM Punk, if the time was right, the fans may see him in WWE again. With all the "big" names from TNA leaving and with the company possibly going under, is the time right?

Jeff Hardy is under contract with TNA Wrestling through February 2015 so the time wouldn't be right until then. WWE had interest in Hardy when his last TNA contract came up so I guess it's a possibility. Based on the names TNA has let walk, I would expect for Jeff to explore his options when his deal comes up.

Is WWE Legends' House scripted?

All reality television is scripted and yes, that includes WWE Legends' House and Total Divas. It's about perception of reality to generate interest. I am high up on WWE's reality TV programming and am anxiously awaiting the return of Tough Enough.

From the Ask WNW vault…

August 2012: Is it just me or is Kane’s character ridiculous? In the past few years he’s gone from putting The Undertaker in a vegetative state to playing trombone with Santino, back to being a disturbed monster… now he’s a face again? Do you find the frequent switches make it hard for fans to care about him one way or the other? - It’s interesting you mentioned Kane as I was just told this week by one of my sources how Kane is an example of the writers being “burned out,” floating the character with no direction. To his credit, Kane is a reliable veteran that can work as a babyface or a heel but he never got over to the point where he could carry things as “the guy.” As a result he’s worked in the mid-card and in the main event, having a decent amount of success in both but it does become confusing to keep up with.

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