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TNA & Drug Testing, The Rock's Return To WWE, Good News & Bad News For Heath Slater, Chris Jericho's Suspension

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We hear so much about the WWE Wellness Policy; what about drug testing in TNA? Do they have a counterpart comparable to what WWE does?

TNA Wrestling has no Wellness Policy in place. They do test from time-to-time but there is no set procedure as to what happens if a worker tests positive. TNA, as a private company, isn't subject to the same level of scrutiny [as WWE] due to the fact they are private as well as much smaller than WWE.

When do you expect to see The Rock back on WWE television?

The Rock said on Twitter last month he's coming back to WWE at the beginning of 2013. He noted how busy he is with three films to shoot. Obviously there is a chance he could return sooner but as things currently stand, it doesn't look like he'll be used at SummerSlam or any more events in 2012. However, I always like to remind readers anything is possible.

I've noticed what WWE has done with Heath Slater recently. He went from appearing only on NXT and Superstars to every Raw and Smackdown in the last few weeks. Do you feel that considering the amount of television time he's receiving that he may be in for a push?

There's good news and there's bad news for Heath Slater. The good news is he's getting on WWE television and live events, which is a position many people not being used would desire. However, the bad news is he's being used as an enhancement talent scripted in embarrassing segments. Carlito candidly spoke about how he was used on last week's Raw Supershow at this link. Could he be due a push? It's possible but he's currently an enhancement talent.

Chris Jericho's suspension is up so will he appear on tonight's Raw Supershow?

WWE announced last week that Chris Jericho will return to the company on tonight's Raw Supershow. It was also noted that Fozzy's new album is due out on August 14, 2012. We'll have full Raw coverage here on beginning at 9 PM EDT tonight.

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