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TNA Gut Check, Hall Of Fame Benefits, The Rock & CM Punk Stale?, John Cena's Off Night

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Are the TNA Gut Check judging segments legitimate, a work or both?

Those that have participated in TNA Gut Check, namely Christian York, claim the segment is 100% legitimate. I haven't heard/asked so I guess we can take it for it's worth.

What does the WWE Hall of Fame mean to an inductee and what benefits do they get?

In addition to monetary compensation for appearing, WWE Hall of Fame inductees get a Hall of Fame ring and of course the immortalization of being inducted into the Hall of Fame of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. While critics will rightly point out the WWE Hall of Fame is more of the Vince McMahon Hall of Fame than an actual Hall of Fame (with no formal voting process), it's still a huge honor.

Are you as sick of The Rock as I am? CM Punk's character is stale but still better than Rock. Your thoughts on the Royal Rumble main event?

If you haven't enjoyed the mic work of The Rock and CM Punk, especially on the January 7th episode of WWE Raw, you are probably going to impossible to please. When I get questions like this I don't want to say you can't have an opinion because obviously everyone has one and is entitled to espouse it, but what exactly are your expectations? Which workers do you feel are doing a better job on the mic currently? Please explain below because there's no other way I can address this.

What happened to John Cena on Monday? I understand he's the face of WWE (whether he wants to admit it or not) but it was a very "interesting" attempt at trying to sell Royal Rumble.

John Cena clearly had a bad night on Monday, delivering a horrible promo to close this week's Raw. I've agreed with many of you in that Cena's character is often over-the-top at times, but this was a promo that had many talking about how he got lost in the middle of it. The feeling is Royal Rumble will still sell because of The Rock working CM Punk on Sunday.

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