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TNA Releasing Kurt Angle?, Bryan As The Face Of WWE, Goldberg Rumors, TNA To Bellator

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Kurt Angle & Dixie Carter

Do you see Kurt Angle being released by TNA Wrestling considering he's always injured and now in rehab?

No, TNA Wrestling is not going to release Kurt Angle. Dixie Carter and company have been behind him 100% since entering rehab earlier this month. He has one year remaining on his current TNA contract and is expected to work through it. Speaking of Angle, he is advertised for Team 3D Wrestling Academy's show on September 14 in Melbourne, Florida.

What does Daniel Bryan have to do to overtake John Cena to become the face of the WWE?

Becoming the "face of WWE" is something that happens, there's not a checklist to become it. Everything depends on popularity and how the crowd reacts. I'm a huge Daniel Bryan fan and believe he's the best in-ring worker in the company. I am also very high up on his current chase for the WWE title but I still think it is going to be very difficult to overtake Cena as the face of the company. John is still in his prime and WWE is going to ride him for as long as they can. The fact he's out for 4-6 months presents opportunities for others but I expect him to return just as popular if not more popular given that absence tends to make the heart grow fonder.

Is there any truth to rumors that Goldberg is in talks with WWE?

We're told the desire to have Goldberg at Wrestlemania XXX is there, however, no agreement has been reached. Goldberg stated as much at Legends of Wrestling Night in Miami, Florida earlier this month. Dialogue between WWE and Goldberg is open. He'll be featured in WWE 2K14 and they're releasing a DVD on him. However, these licensing and merchandising deals are different from an in-ring return. I am not holding my breath but I can tell you the desire is there.

Now that Bellator has three of their active fighters working as talent in TNA, do you see any possibility of TNA sending a couple of their wrestlers to fight for Bellator? The first name that jumps at me is Samoa Joe. I actually think he would do pretty well in the cage. What are your thoughts?

This is interesting and to be honest, something I haven't given a whole lot of thought. Viacom, the parent company of Spike TV and Bellator, loves the crossover with TNA Wrestling. While the partnership is something scorned by most of the IWC, it could be the very thing that sustains TNA in the long-term. I definitely think a TNA wrestler in Bellator is a possibility but like is the case with fighters in the ring, it would take a lot of training and preparation. I haven't heard any names that have inquired about a cross-over but it's an interesting thought.

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