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TNA's Lawsuit Against WWE, Spike Helping TNA, CM Punk At TLC,

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Do you see TNA dropping their lawsuit against WWE the day after Wrestlemania as a rib on Vince McMahon?

TNA's contract tampering lawsuit against WWE is doing exactly what they wanted it to do; prevent WWE from ransacking their talent roster. It will end only when TNA feels they get a proper settlement from WWE but I can already name of a list of talent that ended up re-signing with TNA because WWE currently is not an option. But to answer your question, no one is thinking “let’s end it as a rib.” This was done to protect TNA and it’s functioning as intended.

Why doesn't Spike TV help TNA get talent? For example if they offered Goldberg a show, he could make crossover appears on Impact Wrestling.

Talent isn't the problem in TNA Wrestling. At one time their roster was arguably better than WWE's roster and one could still make that point. I'm not sure what fans still see in Goldberg as he's been out of the mainstream eye for nearly a decade and is 45-years-old. He'd be happy to work for the right amount of money; the problem is closing the gap between what he's worth and what he's willing to accept. Spike is already helping TNA with talent with a recent example being King Mo who will be competing for TNA and Bellator Fighting Championships.

I'm going to WWE TLC and upset about CM Punk being sidelined. What are the chances he appears and cuts a promo on The Rock?

The plan is to move forward to CM Punk vs. The Rock so they want to keep Punk on television. I wouldn't be shocked if Punk appears at TLC on Sunday but it will probably depend on time constraints and how much open time they have to fill.

What is the purpose of opening up a sister site at

We decided to open as part of our expansion to take over the world. OK not really, it's just a side site we put together to feature some different content. It's not in competition to WNW; it's a compliment to it. We aren't moving any features from WNW to the new site, we are adding new features to our sister site and highlighting them here. Check it out - I think you'll like it -

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