Tommaso Ciampa Update, New Backlash Main Event, Heat On Banks & Zayn?

Sasha Banks

Will Tommaso Ciampa being able to compete tonight at TakeOver?

As of this writing, Tommaso Ciampa is still scheduled to compete in the Tag Team Title Ladder Match tonight. As noted, Ciampa suffered a leg injury in Highland Heights Thursday night. Early word was that it could've been his ACL, including ligament damage to an ankle. Luckily, Triple H stated in a media conference call that he spoke to Ciampa Friday morning, and he was feeling better. It truly would be devastating if Ciampa can't work this match, as it's one that I'm particularly excited for. If he can't go, I would look at potential replacements in Scott Dawson, Oney Lorcan, or maybe even a surprise debut from Adam Cole?

Does WWE really think Orton vs. Mahal will go over well as the main event of Backlash in Chicago?

Fans have been wondering this for weeks now, and luckily, WWE has realized where they will be come Sunday night. Plans have changed for the Backlash main event: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens for the United States Championship is currently scheduled to headline the show. WWE actually sent out a promotional email on Friday that practically confirmed this as Styles/Owens was advertised as the main focus. Interestingly enough, Nakamura vs. Ziggler was actually considered to headline the show before the US Title match. Putting Orton vs. Mahal in the main event would not go over well at all, especially in Chicago.

Is it true that the reason why Sasha Banks has been demoted as of late is because of her having major backstage heat from WWE officials?

As mentioned in WNW Premium this week, The Boss does indeed have heat from officials. Vince apparently thinks she is injury-prone, which is why she is not currently in the Raw Women's Title picture. Don't think that this means she won't ever be pushed again or that she's going anywhere. (Sasha is locked under contract for a while.) Additionally, I was fine with Alicia Fox going over Banks on Raw as the red brand needs more lower card feuds at the moment to fill out Extreme Rules. Braun's injury threw a wrench into several plans, so now five stars will be in one main event, opening up one to two more match slots. It'll be interesting to see how she is booked going forward.

How should WWE handle the booking of Sami Zayn?

I know a lot of fans are not pleased with the way Sami Zayn has been booked on the main roster. We were very lucky to see him scratch and claw his way to win the NXT Championship just over two years ago. It's one of those things where Vince doesn't quite think of him the way we think of him. Should he turn heel? I'm not sure how that would go over right now. SmackDown is in need of top heels, but I certainly think he should stay an underdog babyface. Is he disgruntled about his booking? It's hard to say. The way I look at it is - he's featured in main events and midcard feuds, so we should just kind of sit back and relax for the time being. It took Daniel Bryan a while to reach World Title status so let's just be patient.

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