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Turning John Cena On The Rock, A Good In-Ring Worker, Wellness Hypocrisy, Foley's WWE Return

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With WWE mentioning why John Cena would ask The Rock to team with him, are they flirting with the idea of Cena turning on The Rock? Wouldn't that make sense on why Cena would ask for The Rock's help, seeing that he really doesn't need his help?

I am sure you are talking about the editorial that questioned why John Cena chose to partner with The Rock. WWE is absolutely teasing the fact Cena could turn on The Rock. Jerry Lawler said on commentary a couple weeks ago he feels Awesome Truth is favored in the match because he doesn't see how Cena and Rock can function together. There needs to be dysfunction to build towards their match at Wrestlemania XXVIII. This tag match at Survivor Series is being done to give The Rock a chance to brush off ring rust, increase interest in Survivor Series and build towards the main event at Wrestlemania next year. The bigger question a lot of people want answered is - will John Cena turn heel? This is something I would have to see to believe.

In your opinion, what constitutes a good in-ring performer?

The number one determining factor in any match is the crowd. How do they react? Are they into it or could you hear a pin drop? A lot of people get caught up in the pace or complexity of a match, however, often times the ultimate point is missed. The main goal in any match is to entertain the crowd. If the fans are booing the heel, cheering the babyface and hanging on to every spot - the goal has been accomplished. When the crowd is lost, the goal has failed. Ring work varies based on a worker's size, their athleticism and natural God-given talent. Therefore a good in-ring worker is someone that can keep the crowd entertained regardless of their opponent. A lot of smarter fans prefer fast-paced bouts over bouts that include submission and rest holds. I will take either style as long as the crowd is hot.

Evan Bourne just came out talking about his upcoming WWE Magazine interview but he's currently suspended from WWE TV. Doesn't this send the wrong message? You're not "well" enough to be on TV but your "well" enough to be in our magazine?

One thing that needs to be considered is WWE Magazine articles are written in advance. Any publication that has to go to print has to be done in advance. This is how the Internet has changed things so much because technology now allows us to conduct an interview and get it in front of millions of eyes the same day. It'd be redundant for me to remind you this didn't used to be possible and used to be quite the process. As for the WWE Wellness Policy, I've mentioned before it has worked but there are still things that need tweaked. There are major loopholes and one can take a look at the list of suspended talent and clearly see a lack of top names.

Should WWE have waited until Royal Rumble to bring back Mick Foley? Wouldn't a better plan be for him to challenge The Undertaker for "the streak"?

Mick Foley didn't come back to WWE to wrestle. While he's the same age as The Undertaker (46), Foley has put his body through some brutal matches and is in no shape to carry a lengthy Wrestlemania bout against someone that has proved they can still work at the highest possible level. I would have rather seen WWE bring Foley back on television or pay-per-view rather than at a house show, but WWE probably did it to increase the interest to their European tour.

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