UFC Needs Tighter Fight Regulation, Fixing WWE's Ratings, Flair Controversy, UFC vs. WWE

Brock Lesnar

How pointless is having divisions if the champion is free to fight in other divisions and for other titles without once defending his title in the meantime? Obviously I'm talking about Conor McGregor.

It is pointless to have divisions when Dana White allows Conor McGregor to continually fight outside of the division and challenge for other titles without defending his current title, I completely agree with you. But I also understand it’s money-driven and UFC was looking for the biggest fight possible to headline UFC 205 so they went with McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight championship. Dana said after McGregor’s second fight against Nate Diaz that he had to defend the UFC featherweight championship in his next fight or he had to vacate it. That obviously is not going to be the case and Jose Aldo, the interim UFC featherweight champion, is ready to quit the sport entirely over it. But at the end of the day it’s all about the bottomline and UFC is very money driven. Just look at how CM Punk came in with no experience and made his way onto a pay-per-view card only to get destroyed because he had name value. Or how Brock Lesnar co-headlined one of the biggest UFC’s pay-per-views ever with just one phone call, sidestepping the drug testing protocol in the process. I believe that it’s imperative UFC implement tighter rules and regulations when it comes to making fights. While I want to see the biggest fights possible, I also want to know that fighters are going to get a fair shot once they have earned it. I understand that Aldo got knocked out in 13 seconds by McGregor but either do the rematch or force McGregor to vacate the title. For him to sidestep right into another title shot without settling his business in the featherweight division undermines the process. It’s the same situation with Brock Lesnar. When you allow for him to come back without having to undergo the same drug testing as everyone else, is it any surprise that he was juiced up to his eyeballs? How is that fair to Mark Hunt?

With how Raw and Smackdown have flagging ratings at this time, how could WWE revamp their programming to draw in a larger audience?

WWE needs something to give them a buzz. The boost they received for the 2016 WWE Draft and SummerSlam has worn off and they are in their fall slump. It’s why I have done a 180 about Bill Goldberg returning. If WWE can get him back, they may as well put him on television because no one is talking about WWE right now. Pulling the part-timer card is a short-term fix and it’s one that has got them in this position in the first place but desperate times call for desperate measures. As for a long-term plan, I like to think WWE is on the right track with the talent that is getting pushed and the success of NXT. However, I continue to see opportunities get wasted and talent not get opportunities that are in line with their potential. I’ve stated since Raw went to three hours it was a bad idea and I wholeheartedly stand by that over four years later. The extra hour of Raw makes the show very difficult to write and it’s over-saturated the company with programming. Five hours of live television a week feels insurmountable and doesn’t even account for everything else outside of Raw and Smackdown. Ultimately, WWE needs transcendant characters engaged in interesting storylines. It sounds so easy but it’s very difficult to execute.

Who's lying Ric Flair or Halle Berry?

I believe Ric Flair got carried away on his podcast when he claimed he hooked up with Halle Berry but woo! It’s Ric Flair! Pro wrestling 101 states that you can never trust a pro wrestler and the more successful the said wrestler, the more full of crap they are. Flair is 67 years old but he still knows how to get people talking about him. It’s what is lost in the business today. There is a lot of talent with a lot of potential but there aren’t guys that can generate a buzz all on their own. I don’t solely blame the talent as much as I blame Vince McMahon for always taking a short-sided approach and failing to properly utilize his resources.

Does the UFC and WWE see each other as competition?

WWE has repeated for years that UFC is not competition, despite many people feeling they do pose a threat. With WWE’s shift to the WWE Network, I don’t view the two as competitors. Sure, UFC Fight Pass is an online streaming option but it’s completely different from the WWE Network offering. Mixed martial arts and professional wrestling can be considered distant cousins but they’re quite different, especially considering that MMA is a legitimate sport and professional wrestling (or sports entertainment) is a pre-determined product. We have officially shifted to covering both WWE and UFC as interest in one is dwindling while interest in the other is rising. They’re close enough to cover in the same space but different enough to not threaten the other.

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